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Stunning Victorian-Era Home Transformation in Melbourne

By • Jul 16, 2011

Located in Moon Ponds, a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, this stunning Victorian-era home was completely transformed by interior designer Peter Mosticone of .

This incredible five bedroom, two and half bathroom residence mixes the best of old and new to create a dramatic and truly unique environment of form and function.

The owner  his residence in 2012 for 1.73 million Australian dollar.

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4 Comments to Stunning Victorian-Era Home Transformation in Melbourne

  1. Modman says:

    AWFUL!!!!! This is the reason why Interior Designers should not be allowed to design Architecture. It’s pretentious. Fancy trying to add a horribly designed Neo-classical addition to a beautiful period. The outdoor area must be in shade for most of the day as it’s on the southern side of the house. I can’t believe the garage is orientated to the north! What a waste of an opportunity.

    • Linda Trawnik says:

      I agree! It’s criminal to destroy the architectural integrity of what was once a beautiful period home!

  2. Jo says:

    Why you want to combine your view from your dining table with the inside of a garage is beyond me!!! The whole thing is over the top, the opulence went way past expensive and into that whole “money can’t buy taste” realm. :(

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