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Not everyone lives – or wants to live – in a house and millions of people are looking for examples of stylish apartment interior design. Across the globe, families make their homes in apartments that are polished, organized and beautiful. Shoot brings you a collection of chic apartment interior design showcasing the possibilities. From contemporary neutrals and modern white designs to warm wood-filled interiors, inspiration for your apartment abounds.

Remodeling a Small Apartment to add Visual Amplitude

By • Feb 27, 2018

This project consists of the renovation of an apartment located on the 18th floor of a building in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which dates back to 1950 and was built by the architect Artacho Jurado. The remodeling was carried out in 2016 by the, and covers a total ground area of 56 square meters.

Lounge area with access to a small terrace

The apartment offers a privileged view of the city center from its terrace. The demolition of all the internal walls of the original plan was, therefore, an intentional action in order to allow the cityscape and natural light, framed by the original wooden frames, to flow into the space.

Living room, kitchen, and dining room sharing a space

To increase the feeling of spaciousness within the 46 square meters of internal area, the division between environments was done through a piece of furniture that hangs suspended above the green floor that covers the entire department. The volume of wood in the middle of the plan opens to both the living room and the bedroom, and has a double function: while one side is a closet for books and electronics, the other serves as storage for clothing. The functionality of the concrete countertop also helped in the organization and to gain space, because it integrates laundry utensils, kitchen, and bathroom, separated from them by a mirror suspended on the countertop.

Aerial storage area
Aerial storage area
Wooden kitchen with a concrete countertop
Kitchen with a concrete ceiling
Complete view of the small apartment and its environments
Interior of the room with glass wall that connects to the bathroom
Interior of the bathroom with glass partitions

Twentieth Century Apartment with a Modern Interior

By • Feb 26, 2018

This fabulous apartment of worn brick walls, which dates back to the Twentieth Century, and located in the heart of the beautiful Spanish city of Valencia tells a very unique story.

View of the fabulous interior of the living room with worn brick walls

It has been designed by the , a London-based architectural and design practice, established in 2014 operating across UK and Europe. After many years of neglect, the apartment was an empty shell when it was bought by the client, creating numerous opportunities, but also challenges for the design team.

View of the living area from the living room

The focus of the project was guided by the ambition to create modern, distinct, but fluid living spaces that almost left the existing structure intact.

Space flows constantly from one area to another, with the separation between night and day areas provided by two tall wooden elements. These custom-designed items also contain the bedroom cabinets and three sets of doors that allow varying degrees of privacy.

The height of the roof was also considered a particularly valuable element in the renovation. The structure of the roof was restored and maintained completely exposed. No element of the new design comes into with it, which underlines the respect for the past and also allows to perceive the full feeling of space and volume of the apartment.

Area of the room with the doors closed
Lounge in night hours
Kitchen with modern inn
Modern kitchen with aged brick walls
Spectacular kitchen that combines the old and the new
Integrated Kitchen and Dining Areas
Kitchen and Dining Areas
Fabulous glass and wood doors
Room with aged brick wall
Room with bohemian air
Room connected to the lounge
Storage space in the room
Modern bathroom with aged brick walls

Elegant and Serene Apartment in Singapore

By • Feb 21, 2018

This modern and elegant apartment located in Singapore was designed by the local architectural firm, an award-winning architectural and interior design practice formally founded in twenty eleven. The design methodology and processes of this firm have been applied to private residences, retail stores, spas, resorts, hotels, serviced apartments, show-suites, and condominium developments. These properties may be found in Asia-Pacific. The space, an apartment full of natural light and simple lines, which are the focal point of this project, is fresh and elegant at the same time.

Modern lounge with soft and elegant lines
Details of the elegant furniture
Modern living room with sofa and armchairs in black

The lounge, small but cozy, invites you to relax and enjoy the quiet and peace that the atmosphere entails. Neutral colors are predominant in a design completely marked by the personality of its inhabitants, who find, in the space’s simplicity, the serenity and tranquility that only a home provides. Beyond the modern lounge, the kitchen and the room maintain the same uniform style in terms of design, creating an environment where calmness persists. The range of gray and black colors is only broken by the modern tables and tube lamps, in more golden hues, that create a pop effect in the decoration, without breaking the line.

Fluffy sofa in black
Details of the coffee table
Table details and floor lamp in gold
Detail of the golden lamp
Modern kitchen-dining room in black and white
Detail light wood wall
Pendant lamps in the shape of a golden tube
Simple and cozy room
Details in closet door in wood

Apartment With Wonderful Views Over the City

By • Feb 15, 2018

This wonderful single-family home is marked by its soft tones, where the environment flows naturally. The Costa Rican house, designed by architectural firm in 2017, is full of light and exquisite taste unlike no other.Wide open spaces, high ceilings, and glass walls seems to merge with the outside in an effort to not miss the wonderful views over the city that this offers. This element is, without a doubt, part of its main attraction. The living room and kitchen are in the same area, a space that reflects peace and tranquility and invites you to enjoy them.

Elegant living room in beige tones with L-shaped sofa
Living room with fireplace and views over the city
Living room with terrace

A living room with soft sofas and a range of beige colors tempts us with the prospect of ​​taking a seat and admiring the city’s awakening through its wide panes.

It has a terrace that can be accessed from the living room or the kitchen.

The kitchen was designed with a minimalist style in mind, and in the same range of beige colors, integrating perfectly with the rest of the rooms.

It also has a bar area with comfortable furniture where you can enjoy meetings between friends and family in a pleasant atmosphere.

Living room with elegant fireplace
Detail of the elegant sofas in beige
View of the 3 main rooms, living room and kitchen
Night view of the elegant lounge
Lounge in night hours
Details of the seats
Lounge with coffee table on beautiful wood
Detail of the coffee table with drawers
Modern and elegant beige fabric armchair
Bar area with bar and sofa
Elegant bar area

Fantastic one Floor Renovation in the City of Porto Alegre, Brazil

By • Feb 15, 2018

This elegant apartment with a strong personality and style is located in Bom Fim, Porto Alegre, Brazil. It has 64 square meters and was designed in 2017 by the , led by its team of professionals consisting of Maurício Ambrosi Rissinger, Daniel Dagort Billig, Guilherme Nogueira, Tiago Scherer, Ingrid Arrieira Mahl , Yasmin Feijó Jaskulski and Ana Paula Sperinde.

Modern living room in gray tones and dark wood floors

It is in the heart of a beautiful neighborhood of Porto Alegre, and has been completely renovated with a young couple of doctors in mind. They had occupied the apartment for a while and decided to invest in the renovation to integrate the kitchen with the living room, modernize the spaces and organize the large number of elements that were part of the couple’s daily life.

Gray fabric sofa and shelves
Modern dining room with wall mural
Sober kitchen in wood and black

The kitchen was relocated, the bathrooms were also renovated at low cost, and the office was used as a connector between the intimate and social areas.

The interest of the couple for music, literature, and cinema was evidenced in the engraving made by the great art of Suyê, a local artist who was invited to make the mural of the entrance wall. The result is a balance between colors and elements that changes the way in which the spaces of the apartment are perceived, making it more organized, practical and beautiful.

Kitchen with wooden countertop area
Kitchen with blue slabs with honeycomb
Modern dining room with chairs in black
Small and modern kitchen in black and wood
Mural made on the wall of the dining room
Detail of the great mural
Room in gray and wood
Details of wooden furniture
Bathroom in gray, white and wood
Modern study area in the same color range
Furniture study area in black

Chic Contemporary Design for a Young Couple

By • Feb 9, 2018

Ovenecká, as this chic contemporary interior is named, is located on Ovenecká Street, near Letná Square in the Prague 7 district of Prague, in the Czech Republic. The project consists of an apartment reconstruction that was completed in late 2017 by Klára Valová and Eva Mohylová of the Czech architectural firm . The apartment covers a total ground area of 105 square meters.

Modern living room in vibrant blue

The apartment was renovated in order to make it into a home for a young couple. While the remodeling focused mostly on design features, the architectural firm did not shy away from making changes to the construction of the apartment, as it modified the original layout of the interior space.

Detail of modern TV furniture
Modern and elegant desk area

The living room is decorated with parquet flooring, arranged in a French style. SMLXL chose to combine more traditional elements with details that were colorful and more industrial, creating an end result that is unique and refreshing. The color blue serves as a unifying element throughout the different spaces of the home, as it can be found in the paint of the living room exposed brick wall, the sofa, the blue mosaic that frames the bathtub in the bathroom, and the doors leading to the private bathroom from the bedroom. Metal is used in various forms, and can be found in a sliding door that separates the areas of the entrance and the living room, framing on shelves, and in the kitchen.

Details of wood and steel shelves
Simple and elegant entrance
Minimalist kitchen in black and white
Modern kitchen with industrial hanging lamps
Kitchen countertop in wood with modern chairs in black
Dining room with industrial lamp in black
Internal corridor with closet area
Modern and cozy corner for resting
Details of wooden doors
/ Bedroom in black and white
Modern bedroom with storage spaces
Modern and vibrant bathroom
Bathroom combines concrete with modern blue mosaic area
Sober bathroom in white and gray
Bathroom door in vibrant blue

Modern Apartment in Portugal With Wonderful Views Over The City

By • Feb 6, 2018

Apartment Portugal, a stylish apartment located in São Paulo, Brazil, was designed in 2017 by Gabriel de Lucca from the architectural firm. It covers a total ground area of 140 square meters, and was designed for a family who required integrated spaces. The architectural firm sought to create a large and fluid space that would take advantage of the natural lighting conditions the apartment enjoys by eliminating partitions and uniting all the individual rooms to form a spacious whole.

Corridor with beautiful wooden floors

Bespoke furnishings populate all spaces, existing in complete harmony alongside other pieces of furniture, both from contemporary and vintage origins. Sober and neutral tones, as well as surfaces covered in wood, come together to create a single space that feels united and cozy. The light from above falls softly upon all surfaces, as it hits them indirectly, and creates a comfortable atmosphere that anybody could call home.

Living-dining-kitchen open area, full of natural light

The color palette used is based on earthy, neutral tones, maintaining an air of peace and serenity throughout the space. Sparse decorative accessories add personality to the rooms without taking away from this minimalistic quality, giving it the perfect balance between stylish and cozy. The dining room, with its vertical garden on one of its walls, looks out into the city, providing guests and residents alike stunning views.

Living room with leather sofa and wooden walls
Tv area with blue chair
Light wood dining room and hanging lamps
Dining room with vertical garden
Vertical garden detail
Night view of the city

Modern and Functional Apartment in Palermo, Italy

By • Feb 2, 2018

House A223 is a private residence designed by the Italian architectural firm in 2017. The home is located in Palermo, the capital city of the autonomous region of Sicily, in Italy. It covers a total ground area of 66 square meters.

Living-dining-kitchen sharing a space

Located in downtown Palermo, the building was formerly a brick manufacturing facility in a historical building. The end result of this transformation is a tiny loft with ingenious space saving and storage solutions, and which features double height spaces and an elegant black steel staircase. The interior décor is done in a limited palette of neutral shades of gray against white, giving all spaces a touch of serenity and peace. Such a choice also grants the interior a sense of bright spaciousness.

Gray metal stairs
Small kitchen convertible in dark gray

An elegant black steel staircase takes the center stage in the interior space, providing a sculptural center piece for the interior to revolve around. It ingeniously conceals an understair kitchen closet, maximizing the use of space in the interior of the home. The kitchen becomes an extension of the underside of the stairs, as it is done in the same shade of cool gray. Its cabinetry is designed so as to take advantage of the available space in the best way possible.

Convertible kitchen that adapts to the needs of the residents
Small kitchen located under the stairs
Small convertible kitchen
Kitchen with expandable table
Modern dining room with wooden table and chairs in black
Small living room with sofa in gray and TV area
Modern dining room with stairs at the far end
Bedroom with wooden floors and arch-shaped ceilings
Bedroom full of light
Wooden corridor with gray metal railings
Modern bathroom in shades of beige

Functional and Practical Designs for Apartments Covering Under 40 Square Meters

By • Feb 2, 2018

This building, designed in 2016 by the architectural firm , consists of 36 small apartments of between 35 and 38 square meters each, and is located in Mexico City, Mexico.

Exterior view of the remodeled building

It has an active ground floor integrated with three commercial spaces and a privileged location, which has recently been re-opened and integrated into traffic. The new design, far from trying to make the old look new, aims to highlight its history, linking it to a level of comfort that gives it simplicity and constructive efficiency to optimize the spaces, understanding the market to which it is directed and its specific needs.

Entrance with brick walls painted in dark gray

Among its most outstanding attributes we can mention the rooftop garden with a panoramic view of the city, as well as highlight that the new design has a wide selection of colors, textures, and pieces of art. It also possesses common and circulation areas.

Space that combines painted brick walls with modern accessories
Internal stairs

The interior of the apartments has been designed to define each space according to the optimized functionality of the furniture, the lighting, and the natural ventilation, as well as the maximized use of the circulations and the height between the floors, seeking, at all times, to take full advantage of the wonderful views towards the city.

Modern and comfortable lounge area
Modern and small dining room with views
Modern living room with bright colors
Comfortable room with light wood walls and floors
Large and modern terrace
Terrace with city views
Terrace connected to the interior by glass doors
Night view of the building

Vibrant and Colorful Apartment in the City of Milan, Italy

By • Jan 31, 2018

This colorful and vibrant apartment has been designed by the design firm of , a recognized designer and resident of the city of Milan, Italy. The fact that the small space is an explosion of bright colors that transmit energy is undeniable.

Living room full of light and color

TV area with furniture in bold colors

The spaces are full of light and with a very modern style where the completely open spaces coexist in perfect harmony while its colors are mixed. We’ll find white walls and wooden floors, as well as large windows that allow light to enter and fill the spaces and give it life.

Corridor with libraries at the sides
Living room area with modern and bright furniture

The kitchen, a pleasant and modern space of white furniture and stainless steel countertop that provides an elegant touch, is perfect for preparing meals with family and friends. At its side, the modern dining room awaits to enjoy those little moments.

Modern kitchen full of light and bright colors
Island in white with modern kitchen hood in bright red
Dining room with glass table and chairs in black

The corridor with white walls, between which the doors leading to the bathroom and the bedroom are hidden, maintains the same style that we find in the rest of the apartment.

Closet area with wooden floors

The bathroom is decorated with small mosaics that have been distributed in a linear way, combining once again bright and vibrant colors to give joy and life to each of the spaces.

Modern bathroom full of color
Bathroom with mirror in a circular shape

Fabulous Remodeling of an Old Apartment From the 80s

By • Jan 25, 2018

This recent renovation of a flat in a 1980s building, and located in the city of Bigorrilho, Curitiba, Brazil, was carried out by the architectural firm . The apartment covers an area of 130 square meters, and is a space which has been renovated but, at the request of the client, preserved in its ground area. Only the living rooms were integrated to create a comfortable TV room for the enjoyment of the family.

Entrance hall lined in wood
Modern dining room with wooden chairs
Modern style dining room with circular table

A new element of transparent laminated plywood has been used, which is the articulating link of the intimate and social parts, with multiple functions: the aesthetic, because it brings a new aspect to the architecture of the place, transforming it; and the functional, because it covers both the exposed beams from the internal circulation as well as the irregularity of the room that remains after the demolition of two walls, an intermediate column, and the sliding door rail that isolates the intimate social area.

Bright living room decorated in black and white

It also has two cabinets that have been reused from the previous owner’s apartment, and which have been adapted and painted for the new decoration.

Detail of wooden wall decorated with pictures
Entrance to the TV lounge area

In all the social areas, in contrast to the wooden element, polished concrete was used for the floors. This same material has also been applied both on the walls and on the counter top.

Detail of the side table
TV area with comfortable white sofa
Detail of the TV cabinet in wood
Room decorated in white
Integrated closets in the room
Wood headboard details
Bathroom walls in concrete
Floor and walls of the bathroom in concrete
Sink with furniture in wood
Detail of the wooden sink
Bathroom with walls and floor in concrete
Detail of the concrete wall

Elegant and Majestic Apartment with Views Over the City of Bangkok

By • Jan 19, 2018

This stunning and elegant 3 bedroom apartment is located in an exclusive high rise condominium in the center of Bangkok, Thailand. It is located on a 49th floor, and from there we can’t help but enjoy 270 degrees of fantastic views over the urban landscape of the city of Bangkok, a vision that is brought to us thanks to its multiple panoramic glass walls. From there we can enjoy a vibrant urban horizon, a changing tapestry of the metropolitan area by day and by night.

Sober entrance in dark tones
Modern living room decorated in gray tones

It has been inspired by the style of the city of New York and is characterized by a preponderance of monolithic natural stone that has been balanced by adding warm wood walls and tinted mirrors to the space. It was designed by in 2017.

Living room with wonderful views over the city

To fulfill the vision of a real bachelor residence, the renovated interiors convey the sophisticated ambience that is undoubtedly refined and undeniably elegant.

Modern living room with glass walls
Elegant living room with high ceilings
Living room with modern and cozy furniture
Modern living room full of natural light
Living room with modern storage space
Relaxation space with fantastic views
Kitchen island made of gray marble
Modern kitchen in wood and black
Modern kitchen with gray marble walls
Bar area
Total view of the living room with glass walls

Designed for social events and a modern lifestyle, the final touch for the apartment are the private spaces hidden behind a smooth mirror door, where we find a master bedroom with full a bathroom suite, dressing room, private study area and balcony .

Modern room in beige range
Room with views over the city
Studio integrated into the room
Modern studio in gray tones
Storage space in the studio-room
Modern bathroom in gray tones
Elegant white sink
Elegant shower
Eye-catching bathroom in vibrant colors

Sophisticated and Bright Apartments in Tehran, Iran

By • Jan 16, 2018

, a Tehran based architectural firm, has designed this 10-unit infill apartment under the leadership of its architects Amir Reza Saheb and Maryam Shaker. It is located in Tehran, Iran, and covers a total ground area of 2,200 square meters. The project was completed in 2017.

External view of the construction
Detail of modern construction

Niloofar 22, as the project is called, is a 10-unit infill apartment. Traditionally, in Tehran, this type of building is constructed seeking to complete them swiftly, without attempting to explore new or improve upon old architectural practices. With this project, however, Studio Saheb sought to do precisely that, in order to counter this tradition and boost forward the evolution of efficient architecture.

Detail of glass doors with perforated blinds
Line of windows in black metal

In order to do this, the architectural firm divided the main building mass into subsections which redefined the larger whole once they were placed alongside each other in a new order.

The resulting interiors are elegant and sleek, open and luminous, giving new residents the perfect setting for a sophisticated and contemporary home. Balconies allow an easy rapport with the exterior space that surrounds the building, as well as aid in the ventilation of the interior rooms and corridors. This is how a dynamic new architectural typology was created, which could influence infill building in the future.

Modern and elegant interior full of details
Interior full of light
Sliding doors with perforated blinds
Spacious interior full of natural light
Open spaces in light colors
Luxurious hall with elevator and stairs
Modern marble and metal stairs
Stairs in black marble
Details of the elegant stairs
Detailed view of the exterior
Night view of the exterior of the construction

Sophisticated and Elegant Apartment in the City of New York

By • Jan 15, 2018

This elegant and fascinating apartment of luxurious interior spaces was recently designed by Workshop / APD, and is located at 70 Charlton Street in West Soho, New York City, New York, USA. It displays a cozy and warm atmosphere that combines simplicity and contemporary design to create a truly impressive place which is filled with light and characterized by nice spaces.

Elegant and modern interior in pastel colors
Cozy living room full of natural light

Located on the 17th floor, the design firm Work Of has transformed a $ 1,685 million bedroom and bathroom home using simple but modern design techniques with the combination of neutral and soft color palettes and graphic accents throughout the space to emphasize its open design and natural lighting.

Modern kitchen in brown and white
Details of the minimalist kitchen

Inspired by the neighborhood, Work Of creates a careful balance by combining the industrial features of the apartment with luxurious elements, such as the juxtaposition of wooden furniture and the steel elements found in the kitchen. Other outstanding features of the residence include a south-facing living / dining room and a bedroom overlooking the courtyard, a large bedroom with a nice dressing room, and an open kitchen with a breakfast bar.

The Charlton, with 22 floors and 92 units, and which is the first development in the Hudson Plaza since the rezoning of the neighborhood in 2013, is the epitome of luxury in West Soho, drawing elements of the old District and creating an elegant and modern tribute to the industrial past of the neighborhood. The exteriors, carefully designed, focused on creating a contextual design inspired by the design keys of the neighborhood.

Dining room with round table and white wood chairs
Cozy room in gray tones
Room with views over the city

Fabulous Double Height Loft With Wonderful Views of the City

By • Jan 11, 2018

This fantastic loft has a spacious and open living area and a wonderful double height ceiling, which undoubtedly adds an extra touch of elegance. This effect is enhanced when paired up with large windows, which allow natural light to seep in, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Living room with double height ceiling

This upward extension on an existing two-story terrace house located on an artificial island built on Lake IJ in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, covers an area of 70 square meters and was designed by Peik Li Pang and Pieters Bouwtechniek, of the architectural studio in 2014.

Double height ceiling with wonderful views of the city
Wooden stairs with library

As the home was designed for a family with three children, the parents wanted an extension of the duplex loft in which a quiet space was created for them. In this space, we find the second living room, the master bedroom, and an office. The design offers economically maximized functionality through the use of open, shared, and interconnected spaces that create the illusion of amplitude through the use of volume and light.

Wooden library attached to the stairs
Upper level with city views
Doors that give privacy to the second level
Open doors that connect the spaces

The master bedroom is located facing the street, as compact as possible to allow a spacious living room that overlooks the garden. The mini-library and stairs were designed with a high sense of space and are arranged within a narrow area of ​​4.5m wide. This was made possible by integrating the shelves with the two floors.

Room with large windows and views of the city
Night view of the building

Luxurious Penthouse with Incredible Views over the City of Melbourne, Australia

By • Jan 9, 2018

Coppin Penthouse is a luxurious private residence designed by the Richmond based Australian architectural firm. The penthouse takes its name from the street on which it is located — Coppin Street – in Richmond, an inner suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3 km south-east of Melbourne’s Central Business District in the local government area of the City of Yarra municipality.

Spacious and modern living room with wonderful views over the city

A long, narrow pool flanks the length of the home on one of the observation decks, creating the perfect location from which to luxuriously admire the incredible views over the surrounding buildings. Lavish spaces, including a modern living room framed by potted plants, lead us into the interior of the home and into yet another layer of this sophisticated home. The tones of its décor are earthy and sober, granting the interior an exquisite and mature elegance.

Modern living room with TV area and fireplace
Stunning kitchen in minimalist style

The kitchen is long and spacious, done with stainless steel counter tops, and equipped with any number of appliances that make this the perfect setting to cook delicious meals in utter comfort. An open dining room adds to this trend, giving residents a sophisticated and chic spot in which to host guests in the height of style. The kitchen’s glass walls open out into the observation deck, which is framed by a row of potted plants and flowers.

Large kitchen with built-in dining area
Modern kitchen with spectacular views over the city
Closed kitchen area with glass walls
Wine cellar area
Spacious covered terrace area
Modern and elegant dining room in light and dark colors
Divider furniture that defines the different spaces
Terrace dining room with spectacular views over the city
Covered terrace with modern and elegant furniture in ground tones
Interior view of the modern and elegant Penthouse from the terrace
Views of the city from the kitchen
Night view of the adjacent terrace
Terrace with pool and relaxation area
Long and narrow pool with interior light
Views of the city from the pool

Stunning Residence With Exquisite Interiors That Will Make you Wish it Were Yours

By • Jan 8, 2018

This stunning private residence was designed by the Italian interior design firm , based in Milan. The project consisted of the apartment’s renovation as well as a complete revamping of its interior design. The home is located in Milan, Italy.

Large living room with wooden floors
Dining room with an eclectic style

The interior design of the living and dining rooms is exquisite. The canvas is creamy white walls and rich wooden floors, with large French doors that allow an abundant flow of natural light to seep into the interior space and illuminate all corners of it. Stylishly chosen decorative accessories add personality and character to the interior, telling a story of who might live there while creating a space that feels alive on its own. Works of art dot walls and table tops, adding to the interior’s sense of sophistication while keeping the decoration interesting.

Corners with works of art
Living room where a modern style is combined with a classic style
Dining room in wood
Details of the studio area

The kitchen is unique in its design – electric blue cabinets against white walls and a white countertop, creating a strong contrast with a pop of color that serves to keep things fun and interesting, while maintaining the same level of elegance as in the living and dining rooms. The colorful floor tiles continue this trend.

Striking kitchen in electric blue
Kitchen in white and electric blue
Corridor with bookshelves on both sides

The bedrooms keep this sense of fun and sophistication alive in the most private areas of the home, while also maintaining a balance with the serenity necessary for a restful night’s sleep.

Bedroom with purple bed and floral details
Small and modern bedroom
Studio area and bathroom details
Bathroom in black and white, full of light