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Just as the saying goes, “Clothes make the man,” furnishings make the home. No home interior design is complete without the right furnishings. Shoot has put together collections of our favorite pieces, spanning décor styles. Browse these designer creations before you decorate your living space for ideas and inspiration.

Unique Reupholstered Armchair by 20age

By • Jan 28, 2011

Emma Phelps and Mauricio Varlotta from London-based design studio have reupholstered this vintage Parker Knoll in yellow velvet cord and yellow and green checked cotton.

On the back, 20age attached 5000 Brazilian ribbons. These lucky ribbons are traditionally tied around the wrist, with a wish made for every knot, which will come true when by the time the ribbon falls off.


PLANE Desk by German Designer Felix Stark

By • Jan 27, 2011

With its third rear leg that can hide a power cord, the new PLANE Desk by German designer for is a clean and clever small laptop workstation.

The combination of its simple, sweeping shape and the oiled, soft edges of the Finnish birch plywood provide this desk with a natural feeling of warmth.


Elephant Chair by Neuland and Kristalia

By • Jan 27, 2011

The Elephant chair marks a working partnership between studio and .

The basic version is available in hard polyurethane in various colors, with a 4-leg base or slide base with a chrome or satin finish, or in the same color lacquer.


Elumo II, A New Bedroom Furniture Collection by Hülsta

By • Jan 26, 2011

German furniture manufacturer announces Elumo II, a new collection of personalizable contemporary bedroom furniture.

The collection features a bed, a night stand, a chest and a wardrobe that comes in wood or lacquer finishes.


Puzzle Coffee Tables by Praktrik

By • Jan 25, 2011

The Bulgarian manufacturer presents two collections of coffee table called Impossible and Sliding, both inspired by .

The base of each coffee table is composed of a certain number of wooden sticks which, depending on the level of difficulty of the puzzle, are more or less tricky to assemble. Once assembled, they stay together without the need of glue or nails.


LagoLINEA, a Modular Shelving System by Daniele Lago

By • Jan 23, 2011

Created by designer Daniele Lago from Italian furniture manufacturer , LagoLINEA is a modular shelving system allows personalized creativity on your own wall.

According to Daniele Lago, “the LagoLINEA system has a slim and simple design, conceived to offer maximum freedom when designing wall compositions. Its what is left after reducing a common grid bookshelf. The essence of LagoLINEA is a practical, minimalistic solution to storing books, audio visual and accessories.


Chin up by Lisa Sandall

By • Jan 22, 2011

The British designer Lisa Sandall introduces us to his store ‘Chin up’, a small wood furniture to lean against the wall, between balance and imbalance.

Here is “a piece of study or living room furniture, ideal for storing books, digital media, and boxed items”, Sandall says.


Obivan Modern Armchair by Naif Design

By • Jan 21, 2011

The Obivan collection by Istanbul Designer firm features a reading armchair and a modern bench with geometric lines and high arms.

The structure of the chair is made of plywood and comes in different lacquered of painted finish.


Branch Bookshelf by Olivier Dollé

By • Jan 20, 2011

Branch by French Designer is a one of a kind bookshelf-piece that is composed of over 80 pieces of birch plywood and veneered oak wire.

Both aesthetic, poetic, functional and sculptural, this bookshelf comes in two different sizes (3,2 m – 10 1/2 ft and 4,2 m – 13 3/4 ft wide).

Branch is also available in walnut and other types of wood upon request.


Scriba, a Modern Writing Desk by Patricia Urquiola

By • Jan 19, 2011

Scriba is a modern writing desk with clearly defined lines, where the writing surface support element stands out for the lightness of its carved decoration.

Wooden surfaces, a practical side drawer, a clever book support in lacquered metal sheeting and a side pocket in leather complete the desk.

Scriba, designed by for Italian manufacturer , comes with a computer container which has a pull out shelf for the keyboard.


Lichtkiste table-lamp by Clemens Tissi

By • Jan 19, 2011

Lichtkiste lamp is an adjustable floor lamp / end table from , with a minimalist design. Lichtkiste consists of two independent parts made of MDF and hand-painted surface.

You can modulate the light simply by moving the top element as shown on the pictures below. Lichtkiste’s size is 37cm x 35cm 34cm and its public price is 240 euros.


Mydna: a twisted Bookcase by Joel Escalona

By • Jan 18, 2011

Mydna is an original and unique bookcase from Mexican designer with a twisted, unconventional shape.

Its contemporary look is based on the unique double helix design of our own DNA strands.

The concept is that everything you place on the shelves define a significant part of your personal identity.


House Of Cards Table by Mauricio Arruda

By • Jan 17, 2011

The House of Cards table by Brazilian designer-architect is an inventive one of a kind table-piece that shows us how to build a perfectly sturdy table using the appropriate house of cards structure.

This table, despite its fragile look, is designed to support up to 250 kilograms or 500 lbs.

By laser cutting 4mm deep steel plates and producing cards in a scale of 13:1, the table is literally put together like a house of cards.

The steels cards are weld one to one, allowing each owner to fully customize its configuration.


The Boomerang Chair by Kurt Dexel

By • Jan 16, 2011

The Boomerang Chair was designed by Kurt Dexel, the founder of Vancouver based company .

This mid-century danish-inspired lounge chair comes with a matching footstool, both crafted from black walnut, solid maple, and high grade leather.


Roses collection by Gianluigi Landoni for Vibieffe

By • Jan 15, 2011

Rose is a contemporary collection of exceptional beauty, designed by Italian designer Gianluigi Landori for Vibieffe that includes a chair, an armchair, two tables with different shapes and dimensions, in metal laser cut.

With their great personality and originality in the panorama of furnishing items, they can characterize the inside and outside of any location.

Made of metal and laser cut with a pantograph, is available in varnished or gold leaf versions. Roses can combine the latest modern metal with the elegance of manufacture.

The Roses collection is suitable for both indoor or outdoor use.


Trick by Sakura Adachi: a Nice Space Saving Design

By • Jan 14, 2011

Trick is a pair of chairs, a table and a bookcase all together.

Designed by for Italian manufacturer , Trick is a bookcase which transforms into a console table with two chairs.

When both sides of the bookcase are moved from the original positions, they function as chairs, while the center part works as a table.

The console can be used for dining as well as for writing, reading and working on your computer.

Here is a nice space saving solution for a small apartment!


The Modernatique Chair by Cho Hyung Suk

By • Jan 14, 2011

The Modernatique Chair is a chair set designed by Korean designer .

The collection was showcased for the first time at the Korea Design Festival 2010 in Seoul, Korea; it adapts perfectly the bold colors and clean lines of modern design to the curves and profiles characteristic of antique pieces.

The Modernatique chairs are available in two versions: black with walnut accents and white with ash accents.