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Interior Design Christopher Ward Studio Designs a Contemporary Home in Reggio-Emilia, Italy

By • Apr 20, 2017

This project, located in Reggio-Emilia, Italy, was carried out by the firm of beginning in 2012 and ending in 2015. Its exterior, with walls of dark wood and stone, is set among beautiful tree gardens that give privacy to both the outdoor areas and the interior of the house.

It has several terraces and rest areas in which comfortable outdoor furniture has been placed for the relaxation and enjoyment of guests with family and friends.

Exterior of the house with stone walls and dark wood
Terrace with outdoor furniture and aged wooden floor
Outdoor dining area on the terrace
Rest area on the terrace
Rest area on the terrace
Living room with modern furniture and picture with portrait


Main entrance

In its interior, comfortable and clear spaces invite us to discover it.

Modern and tasteful furniture, as well as various decorative objects, have been placed strategically, giving the space the warmth of a home.

A combination of concrete and wood has been used on its floors, walls, and ceiling.

Living room furniture
Wooden stairs and glass railings

A large kitchen with an island in stainless steel is accompanied by storage spaces.

Beside it is a small modern dining room over which hangs a black contemporary lamp. Together with a retro style cabinet, the ensemble creates an interesting mixture of styles in a same shared space.

View of the kitchen through the glass dining room doors
Kitchen with island in stainless steel
Kitchen with island in stainless steel
Dining room in the kitchen
Modern dining room in apple green
Modern dining room in apple green

Through glass doors we pass to the dining room, a beautiful space with fashionable colors and design.

The beautiful wooden stairs with glass railings take us to the second level. There, we find a bedroom with modern furniture under a high ceiling with beams that cross it from side to side.

Bedroom with white beam ceilings

The bathroom, where wood covers everything from the walls to the floors, is done in a very elegant style.

Bathroom with wooden floors and walls
Bathroom with wooden floors and walls
Jacuzzi on the terrace
Night view of the exterior
Night view of the exterior

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