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Villa Stamerbos by 70F

By • Jan 15, 2015

Villa Stamerbos by 70F (4)

Villa Stamerbos was designed by in 2007 and completed in 2013.

It is located in Stamerbos, Almere, The Netherlands.


Home 2.0 by 70F

By • Dec 28, 2014

Home 2.0 by 70F (11)

Home 2.0 is a project designed by .

It was completed in 2013, and is located in Almere, The Netherlands.


Mirror House by Johan Selbing & Anouk Vogel

By • May 3, 2014

Mirror House by Johan Selbing & Anouk Vogel (2)

Mirror House is a project completed jointly by & .

It is located in De Eenvoud, Almere, The Netherlands, and was finished in 2013.


Villa Hendrikx by 70F Architecture

By • Jul 5, 2012

The Villa Hendrikx has been designed by in Almere, Netherlands.

The project was completed in 2009 and features a traditional layout with main living spaces on the first floor and sleeping spaces on the second floor.


Villa Frenay in Netherlands by 70F Architecture

By • Apr 15, 2011

The Villa Frenay was designed by 70F Architecture in 2008 and the house was completed in 2010.

Located in Almere, the youngest city and the 6th largest in the Netherlands, this 4,154 single family house is a one story bungalow that was built for a budget of €460,000 ($650,000 at the time of writing).



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