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Fabulous Remodeling of an Old Apartment From the 80s

By • Jan 25, 2018

This recent renovation of a flat in a 1980s building, and located in the city of Bigorrilho, Curitiba, Brazil, was carried out by the architectural firm . The apartment covers an area of 130 square meters, and is a space which has been renovated but, at the request of the client, preserved in its ground area. Only the living rooms were integrated to create a comfortable TV room for the enjoyment of the family.

Entrance hall lined in wood
Modern dining room with wooden chairs
Modern style dining room with circular table

A new element of transparent laminated plywood has been used, which is the articulating link of the intimate and social parts, with multiple functions: the aesthetic, because it brings a new aspect to the architecture of the place, transforming it; and the functional, because it covers both the exposed beams from the internal circulation as well as the irregularity of the room that remains after the demolition of two walls, an intermediate column, and the sliding door rail that isolates the intimate social area.

Bright living room decorated in black and white

It also has two cabinets that have been reused from the previous owner’s apartment, and which have been adapted and painted for the new decoration.

Detail of wooden wall decorated with pictures
Entrance to the TV lounge area

In all the social areas, in contrast to the wooden element, polished concrete was used for the floors. This same material has also been applied both on the walls and on the counter top.

Detail of the side table
TV area with comfortable white sofa
Detail of the TV cabinet in wood
Room decorated in white
Integrated closets in the room
Wood headboard details
Bathroom walls in concrete
Floor and walls of the bathroom in concrete
Sink with furniture in wood
Detail of the wooden sink
Bathroom with walls and floor in concrete
Detail of the concrete wall

Luxurious and Elegant Hotel in the Center of the City of Light, Paris

By • Jan 16, 2018

If visiting Paris is on your horizon, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this luxurious and exquisite hotel, the , located in the center of the city and a few meters from the Louvre Museum in District 1 and with access to the metro stations and the main airports in the city.

Elegant entrance with gold details
Elegant reception with fine furniture

This impressive hotel has a reception with a minimalist style made of marble, giving guests a pleasant and friendly welcome. Its spacious interiors feature the distinctly eclectic refinement of decorator Jean Louis Deniot, with each bright and luminous space designed to make you feel at home. To ensure that guests are well connected, the hotel has a 4G Internet service and international calls (USA, Canada and Europe) during your stay.

Imposing stairs with luxurious details
Bar area full of charm
Breakfast area full of light
Luxurious bar with fine lines
Sober restored full of good taste
Roofed pool

Once installed, we can enjoy a treatment in its elegant Spa, where its professionals will make you feel relaxed in an intimate space where you can also enjoy a sauna, steam bath or a wonderful indoor pool, depending on your tastes. And if that was not enough, it also has a gym, a personal fitness trainer and gym classes.
Still in doubt? Or you are completely convinced where your next stay in this wonderful city will be?

Relaxation space
Wonderful rooms full of charm
Elegant room in bluish gray tones
Details of decorative vases
Sober room full of comfort
Room with study area
Room decorated in vibrant colors
Room decorated in a range of beige colors
Room full of personality
Elegant bathroom in gray marble
Bathroom with bathtub and shower in elegant contrasts

Stunning Residence With Exquisite Interiors That Will Make you Wish it Were Yours

By • Jan 8, 2018

This stunning private residence was designed by the Italian interior design firm , based in Milan. The project consisted of the apartment’s renovation as well as a complete revamping of its interior design. The home is located in Milan, Italy.

Large living room with wooden floors
Dining room with an eclectic style

The interior design of the living and dining rooms is exquisite. The canvas is creamy white walls and rich wooden floors, with large French doors that allow an abundant flow of natural light to seep into the interior space and illuminate all corners of it. Stylishly chosen decorative accessories add personality and character to the interior, telling a story of who might live there while creating a space that feels alive on its own. Works of art dot walls and table tops, adding to the interior’s sense of sophistication while keeping the decoration interesting.

Corners with works of art
Living room where a modern style is combined with a classic style
Dining room in wood
Details of the studio area

The kitchen is unique in its design – electric blue cabinets against white walls and a white countertop, creating a strong contrast with a pop of color that serves to keep things fun and interesting, while maintaining the same level of elegance as in the living and dining rooms. The colorful floor tiles continue this trend.

Striking kitchen in electric blue
Kitchen in white and electric blue
Corridor with bookshelves on both sides

The bedrooms keep this sense of fun and sophistication alive in the most private areas of the home, while also maintaining a balance with the serenity necessary for a restful night’s sleep.

Bedroom with purple bed and floral details
Small and modern bedroom
Studio area and bathroom details
Bathroom in black and white, full of light

Holiday Home with Unique Spaces that will Leave us in Awe

By • Jan 3, 2018

This wonderful house of modern and spacious spaces, full of light and elegance, is located in the famous Praia da Pipa (Pipa Beach), in the city of Tibau do Sul, which is one of the main tourist centers and an important tourist pillar of the state of Rio Grande do Norte, in northern Brazil. The city of Tibau do Sul has grown rapidly as a tourist segment and, as it grew larger, it attracted people from all over the world. Today, we can say that Praia da Pipa is one of the most cosmopolitan beaches in Brazil. It is the perfect scenario to develop an exceptional and innovative house for the client, who fell in love with this city.

Imposing view of the modern construction surrounded by green areas

The architecture firm Yuri Vital was in charge of this project, covering an area of 1,360 square meters, in 2015.

Detailed view of the modern construction
Pool area with spectacular sea views

Conceived only for vacations, this house has unprecedented characteristics. The goal was to create a house with a huge living room, and with an impressive view of the sea, without losing the main characteristics of a home. Therefore, a single area was conceived, without any division, which means that the design of furniture, tables, chairs, sofas, etc. would subtly create the divisions of each zone. The house has an impressive width and length, and from all the rooms you can see the beautiful sea and the famous cliffs of the city of Tibau do Sul.

Terrace connected to the interior through glass doors
Ample interior space
Large stairs leading to the kitchen-dining area
Bathroom in black with closet
View of the pool area at sunset
Wonderful view of the illuminated pool at night hours
Terrace with pool during night hours
View of the imposing construction at night
Terrace with gardens at night hours

Elegant home located in Naples, Florida

By • Dec 15, 2017

This elegant and luxurious home is located in the town of Naples, in Florida, USA, and holds an approximate value of $4.5 million. The home has four bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms, all full of elegance and good taste, and done with materials of excellent quality.

Exterior view of the main entrance to the house
Terrace with a chimney

It also possesses an ample and perfectly equipped kitchen that shares a space with a sumptuous living room. Its exterior areas do not get left behind, and boast marvelous social spaces where we can easily spend time with friends and family.

Terrace with a pool and view to the lake
Terrace with furnishings that connect to the interior through the living room

The home’s outdoor living space that overlooks the lake truly captures the essence of the Florida lifestyle. With a private courtyard garden, pool deck, waterfall, large fountain, fire pit, outdoor shower, and fully equipped kitchen and bar area, the homeowners and their guests alike can enjoy resort-like tranquility and privacy.

Terrace with furnishings that connect to the interior through the living room
Elegant living room with furnishings in white

The home also boasts a game room, a sauna, a wine storage room, and a study that includes a secret room accessed through a built-in cabinet with a passageway to the master bedroom closet.

Vast and comfortable white kitchen with dark wood floors
Vast and comfortable white kitchen with dark wood floors

Everything in its exterior, as well as its interior, speaks to us of elegance and an exquisite good taste, be it its beautiful wooden floors or its molded ceiling crossed by wooden beams, or even its luxurious furnishings that make the home feel cozy and comfortable.

Sumptuous bedroom with door to the terrace
Elegant bathroom in white marble
Elegant bathroom in white marble
Game Room

Elegant and Contemporary Home in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Spain

By • Dec 15, 2017

This wonderful and luxurious home is located in one of the best residential areas of Madrid, Spain, Pozuelo de Alarcón, a small town located to the west of the metropolitan area of the Spanish capital.

Exterior view of the modern building
Exterior view of the pool

Its exterior possesses vast spaces full of recreational areas, such as an immense pool where we can take a cool dip on those days of intense Madrid heat. Its green gardens are perfectly manicured, providing us with spaces in which to relax both mentally and physically. Its structure is built in a contemporary style that combines the harshness of the rustic stone with the elegant transparency of the glass walls, through which natural light seeps in during the day, filling the spaces within with light and making them feel spacious and bright.

Beautiful stone and glass walls

The interior spaces are strikingly clean and filled with the color of the textiles used in the décor, which break the monotony and give it a touch of vibrant joy.

The most striking feature of the house, without a doubt, is its glass walls. They allow not just the light to seep in, but also connect the interior with the exterior, creating a dialogue between the two that feels natural and provides residents with joy and tranquility.

Interior full of light and color
Interior full of light and color
Interior with glass walls
Interior with glass walls
Interior with glass walls
Open white kitchen
White dining room with glass walls
Bedroom with wooden floors and glass walls
Study and library

House with Stone Walls and Fantastic Views of the Mountains, Located in Italy

By • Nov 28, 2017

This wonderful construction, with stone walls on the outside and concrete walls inside, has wonderful views over the green hills that surround it, filling it with freshness. Set on ancient remains dating from the medieval communes, it is a reminder of the renaissance of an ancient rural village located at the top of one of the highest hills of Urbino, Rimini, Italy, which is appreciated for its landscape and its environment.

Wonderful stone walls surrounded by green gardens and mountains
Wonderful stone walls surrounded by green gardens and mountains

It was designed in the year 2017 by the architectural firm by the hand of its professional architects Alice Gardini and Nicola Gibertini and has an extensive area of 1080 square meters. On the lower level are all the main facilities: a movie theater, an exhibition gallery in the connecting space between the main building, and a gym with an adjacent SPA.

Terrace with pool and views
Terrace with pool and views

From the basement, the staircase leads directly to the center of the main building where the view over the stunning mountainous landscape and pool area is spectacular. The ground floor, completely projected outwards in continuity with the garden. The annex, with a wooden frame structure, is a nod to the image of the barn, a typical construction in this landscape.

Terrace with pool and views
Wonderful stone walls surrounded by green gardens and mountains

A third building is located in the garden on a small artificial hill. In the basement there is a storage room for the garden equipment and a barbecue on the ground floor.

Wonderful stone walls surrounded by green gardens and mountains
Wonderful stone walls surrounded by green gardens and mountains
Wonderful stone walls surrounded by green gardens and mountains
Modern living room with concrete walls
Modern living room with concrete walls
Central living area with fireplace
Corridor with gallery
Corridor with gallery
Modern bedroom with glass doors
Modern bedroom with glass doors
Modern bedroom with glass doors
Modern bedroom with glass doors
Bathroom with concrete walls
Bathroom with concrete walls
Bathroom with concrete walls
Nocturnal view
Nocturnal view
Nocturnal view
Nocturnal view

Andaz 5th Avenue Hotel in the Spectacular City of New York

By • Oct 31, 2017

The city of New York is a universe in and of itself, full of energy and diverse and varied activities. Visiting this metropolis means immersing yourself in a very eclectic gastronomic atmosphere and, at the same time, enjoying the different shopping areas, crossing with different and picturesque people on every corner. A city that offers diverse places of leisure, monuments to admire, and restaurants where we can enjoy rich and varied dishes.

The wonderful is located in Manhattan, across from Bryant Park and the New York Public Library. It has 184 spectacular rooms and was inaugurated in 2010.

Since many New Yorkers, as well as tourists, feel passionate about collecting art, they have personalized its spaces with works that evoke the dynamic energy of the locals.

And the experience at this wonderful hotel on 5th Avenue begins from the very moment you walk through the bronze doors and are greeted by its host. From inside its wonderful rooms, we can enjoy spectacular and breathtaking views of New York City. Whether by day or by night, the views are unbelievably beautiful.

Conceived as a Minimalist Geometric Composition this Wonderful Construction Perfectly Integrates the Interior with The Exterior

By • Oct 26, 2017

, led by an architectural team that included Dirk Peters, Caro van de Venne, Tim Brans and Wim Sjerps, designed this fabulous 220 square meter house in the Netherlands in 2017. Conceived as a minimalist geometric composition that combines solid and empty and based on the wishes of its client in terms of openness and privacy, this team of professionals designed a living space that integrates perfectly with the garden, as well as closed rooms that would allow the couple “close the door.” Simplicity, quality of material, and contemporary appearance were key aspects of design.

Exterior view of minimalist construction

Viewed from the outside, the solid-hollow composition can be clearly read. A long transparent façade encloses the open space – the “void” – and two concrete blocks closed at both ends mark the “solid” private spaces, which contain the private residential spaces. To achieve optimum exposure to the sun and maximize the size of the garden, the villa is conceived as a single elongated box. The full glass façade opens the living room towards the garden, and allows daylight to breathe life into the space.

Smooth and polished details
Modern minimalist kitchen

The exterior walls have a smooth and reflective finish – with multiple layers of hand polish – that gives it a delicate and luxurious effect.
Inside, the private areas have an intimate atmosphere with rooms that show their own identity.

Surreal bathroom
Night view

Trump International Hotel and Tower New York in the Heart of the Upper West Side, NY City

By • Oct 24, 2017

and Tower New York is one of many properties owned by the tycoon Donald Trump, but this one is the jewel in the crown of Trump’s Hotels. An emblematic hotel with its style and elegance, palpable in each of its 176 rooms as well as in the rest of the facilities, and for its imposing presence, perhaps as emblematic as the Empire State Building itself.

It is located in one of the most famous cities in the world, in the heart of the Upper West Side, near Central Park in New York City, USA. Nearby, we can find the famous 5th Avenue and enjoy the best and most luxurious restaurants around the world. It is a mere 30 minutes from the main airport of the city, without taking into account the characteristic traffic of the city.
Upon entering Trump International Hotel & Tower New York, you will have to be necessarily dressed as a winner, dressed for success. Why? Because in a hotel of this caliber, you’re going to want to look like someone who owns it.

It is strange that in a city so famous and always at the forefront, Trump International Hotel & Tower is the only five-star hotel in the area and also has a luxurious five-star restaurant. In this way guests can enjoy the culinary magic of the distinguished chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, as well as the summer restaurants on the Mistral terrace, overlooking Central Park, and a royalty-free wine collection.

Elegant rooms with glass walls and views of New York City
Night view of the exterior
Night view of the exterior and the city of New York

Loft Full of Natural Light Located between Malakoff and Montrouge in France

By • Oct 23, 2017

One of the most beautiful and attractive aspects of an interior design is natural light, because it completely changes perception and offers a pleasant feeling of well-being. This house undoubtedly has that , a wide open space full of light in which has taken advantage of the space to the maximum and has been decorated in a modern and contemporary style. This loft is located on the border between Malakoff and Montrouge in France. It has a total area of 311 square meters, distributed throughout three levels, and the design was made in the area that previously belonged to an old factory.

Small internal patio
Modern high-ceiling room
Views of the spacious and clear interior bathed in white

The way in which its furniture has been placed creates spaces separated only by sight, in a suggestive way that is very subtle, yet evident. The steel beams that cross the space give it an industrial touch. On the roof, a series of skylights allow daylight to enter directly and fill the rooms with natural light, creating wonderful spaces.

Modern white living room with large libraries
TV area

In the different areas, high bookshelves stacked to the brim have been placed, in such a way that they surely offer wonderful stories to those who can comfortably enjoy reading them. A large and modern white kitchen, connected to the living room, offers an endless number of storage spaces.

Wide kitchen in white

This Imposing Construction Shows us in its Interior an Aspect not Perceived From the Outside

By • Oct 20, 2017

This imposing concrete wall construction, in a very striking and elegant modern style, explores the complex relationship between intimacy, domesticity, spatial expansion and transparency. It was inspired by the traditional houses of Lima, which respond to an introverted scheme where the facade of the street, opaque and abstract, gives rise to a lively patio in the interior through a single space called zagúan.

It is located in the wonderful city of Lima, Peru and was designed in 2013 by the architectural firm , with architecture professionals Sandra Barclay and Jean Pierre Crousse helming. It is a wide area of 856 square meters.

The apparent rusticity of the house, seen from the street, becomes fluid, transparent and illuminated once we are inside and in the interior garden.

The house is vertically organized in three levels, and horizontally in a square angle.

The social areas are in the low level and are completely open to the interior garden, receiving light and freshness.

The bedrooms are located on the upper level, overlooking the suburbs surrounding the house.

Inner garden with pool area
Rustic furniture
Large glass walls
Interior with stone walls and rustic furniture
Modern stairs
Large glass walls

Wonderful Facilities at the Sofitel New York Hotel in the Cosmopolitan City of New York

By • Oct 18, 2017

Located in the famous city of New York, New York, USA, this luxurious hotel, , injects its very Parisian sensations and styles into this exciting and cosmopolitan city.

Trips to New York are always energizing and entertaining, and discovering a new property to stay in adds a certain “Je Ne Sais Quoi,” to the experience, especially if among its many advantages it offers us the best possible sleep, courtesy of the most comfortable beds imaginable.

Among its facilities, the luxurious hotel boasts 398 rooms and 52 suites, decorated in an elegant Art Deco style. In its interiors, elegance and good taste are the common denominator.

In its surroundings, we can find the best attractions that Manhattan has to offer, such as the Rockefeller Center, Times Square, Broadway theaters, world-famous restaurants, and the best art museums, a great advantage for those who like entertainment and culture.

Fifth Avenue is the perfect destination to visit when we want to take a short walk, or just want an excuse to go shopping.

Comfort and style converge in pleasant spaces like Gaby, the French restaurant of the Sofitel New York, where you can enjoy and taste the exquisite meals offered there.

Terraces overlooking New York City
Wonderful interior facilities full of luxury and elegance
Luxurious and comfortable rooms
Wonderful night views of the city

The Towers at Lotte New York Palace, an Elegant and Refined Hotel in the City of New York, USA

By • Oct 17, 2017

are a spectacular hotel located in the well-known New York City, USA. A city known worldwide for being always at the forefront of design.

One of its many advantages is that the property is strategically located at 50th Street and Madison Avenue, in the heart of midtown Manhattan, and short walk from New York’s Broadway theaters, Central Park, the business district, and designer shopping, as well as a few steps from St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Rockefeller Center, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

It has a refined style that can be appreciated in each of its details. From its marvelous entrance, with an elegant door in a very Manhattan style, to a luxurious interior that will impress even the most demanding of design fans. But this is only the beginning.

The hotel has 176 magnificent rooms and suites inside a gleaming modern tower full of luxuries. Many of these offer views of St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the city skyline, views of which can be enjoyed, if desired, from its impressive terraces on the roof of the hotel. There is also a concierge service Clefs D’or, which can accommodate all your needs in any language of your choice. And if you need a bit of relaxation, head to the hotel spa or book a massage in the room.

Dining options abound at The Towers at the Lotte New York Palace. Pomme Palais offers a classic bakery in New York City, while Tavern at 51 offers an extensive list of cocktails.

Views of the wonderful and elegant interior of the hotel with wide stairs
Details full of luxury
Terrace overlooking New York City
Sober meeting areas
Stylish bar
Living area with wonderful views of the city
Elegant dining room
Classic and cozy room
Night view of the imposing entrance

Fabulous and Elegant Hotel in the Heart of Milan, Italy

By • Oct 6, 2017

This glamorous and elegant hotel shows us in each of its spaces and in each of its details what good taste really is. It is located in the center of the city of fashion, in the heart of Milan, in the prestigious Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a city where tourists usually seek to escape and at the same time be in a central place in Italy. If that’s exactly what you’ve been looking for all along, then you’ve found in Milan the perfect place for your next vacation.


Spectacular Hotel in the Vibrant City of Madrid, Spain

By • Oct 3, 2017

This wonderful and iconic building of the vibrant city of Madrid in Spain has been converted into a luxurious hotel. Plaza de España is the heart of downtown Madrid. The ideal starting point for getting to know the city. This hotel is located a few steps from Gran Vía, one of the areas with the most activity of the city, capable of surprising us at every step.


Luxurious and Elegant Corinthia Hotel Located in the Heart of Budapest

By • Sep 12, 2017

This fine and elegant hotel is a bastion of luxury in the heart of the city. It is located in Budapest, Hungary, one of the most well-preserved old towns in all of Europe. The city is also Mecca for shoppers, with one of the largest shopping malls in Europe, West End City Center, not far from the hotel. Budapest’s International Airport is about 15 minutes driving.