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Govaert and Vanhoutte Architects Design a Rural Home in Knokke Heist, Belgium

By • Feb 3, 2017

Residence DBB by Govaert & Vanhoutte Architects (33)

Residence DBB is a private residence designed by .

It is located in Knokke Heist, Belgium and was completed in 2015.


Urban Platform Designs a Vertical Home in Brussels, Belgium

By • Jan 27, 2017

CAS 48 House by Urban Platform (2)

In cities where historical buildings have stood for decades, it can be difficult to create a new space among the homes that already stand. Even when designers aren’t worried about matching the aesthetics and facades of the other homes on the street, they still have to consider their space carefully and, in most cases, they have to build upward! That was the case with this CAS 48 House and the final product, though wedged between two very different buildings, is simply stunning.


Steven Vandenborre and Mias Sys Come Together to Create a Simple and Elegant Home in Ghent, Belgium

By • Jan 20, 2017

Abeel House by Steven Vandenborre (1)

In our experience, there’s a certain level of excitement that comes with being able to tell that a home is beautifully modern and contemporarily decorated before you even step through the doors. This is usually evident from the inclusion of big, gorgeous windows, clean, industrial materials, and unique angles on the home’s exterior. Abeel House is a stunning example of what we mean!


Michiel De Backer, Jakub Senkowski and Martin Mikovčák Design a Unique Home in Bruges, Belgium

By • Jan 20, 2017

Ark Shelter by Michiel De Backer + Jakub Senkowski (1)

Are you a nature enthusiasts with years of camping under your belt but you’ve been looking for a way to enjoy the relaxing outdoors without living rough? Some people build woodland shelters that give them a little more coverage when they need to escape but some of these structures are beyond rustic. In recent years, designers have been taking shelters like these as an opportunity to get creative in minimalist ways and try their hand at creating beautiful micro-living spaces. Ark Shelter is a stellar example of the kind of little woodland haven we mean.


Rob Mols Architect and studio k Interior and Landscape Architects Come Together to Design a Semi Detached Home in Leuven, Belgium

By • Jan 18, 2017

Semi Detached Home in Leuven by Rob Mols Architect (6)

For some homeowners, architects, and designers, it’s all about interiors. Perhaps you’re quite pleased with the structure and design of your home on the outside but the inside could use a facelift? In our experience, these make for some of the most unique living spaces, particularly when there’s wooden finish involved. We’re always obsessed with the inclusion of gorgeously glossed or textured wood in home decor, but there’s a specific kind of style that we’ve been crazy for lately: unfinished chic. We find this aesthetic particularly intriguing when it’s combined with wood that has, in fact, been stained and finished in other areas of the house.


Edouard Brunet and François Martens Design a Private Residence in Flanders, Belgium

By • Jan 17, 2017

ETIE by Edouard Brunet and François Martens (1)

Have you ever seen extended roof home designs where the edge of the roof hangs lower than usual, bringing the top of the house down so that it forms part of the front facade as well. These houses aren’t uncommon but some designers take a much more modern or artistic approach to the angles and the way the roof extends downward. For some designers, this is a great way to set the tone for the style that might be built on the inside. That’s exactly the story with this gorgeous overhanging ceiling home called ETIE!


OOA | Office O Architects Design a Contemporary Villa in Oostduinkerke, Belgium

By • Jan 14, 2017

Villa CD by OOA | Office O architects (12)

Have you always loved the thought of living in a beach villa, but your personal tastes and styles are actually quite different than the more whimsical seaside designs you usually encounter in beach living options? Then we think you’ll take more inspiration than usual from this ultra modern home in Oostduinkerke, Belgium!


Blanco Architecten Design a Luminous Contemporary Home in Leuven, Belgium

By • Oct 8, 2016

Project HA by Blanco Architecten (9)

Project HA is a private home located in Leuven, Belgium .

Completed in 2015, it was designed by .


Hans Verstuyft Renovates a Historical Residence in Ghent, Belgium

By • Sep 28, 2016

Historical Residence by Hans Verstuyft (6)

Historical Residence is a private home renovated by .

It is located in Ghent, Belgium and was completed in 2013.


From Old Bakery to Bright and Airy Home

By • Sep 12, 2016

Old Bakery by Artipool (6)

S Old Bakery is a private residence renovated by .

It is located in Kortenberg, Belgium.


SPOTLESS ARCHITECTURE Designs a Wooden Home in Brussels, Belgium

By • Aug 7, 2016


Wooden Box 2 is a private home located in Brussels, Belgium.

It was designed by in 2015.


A Contemporary Residence with an Indoor Pool in Lint, Belgium

By • Jul 20, 2016

House LNT by P8 Architecten (3)

House LNT is a residential project designed by in 2012.

It is located in Lint, Belgium.


OYO Designs a Unique Private Home in Maldegem, Belgium

By • Jun 15, 2016

House PIBO by OYO (3)

House PIBO is a residential project completed by .

The home is located in Maldegem, Belgium.


A Luminous Home Surrounded by Vast Green in Aalter, Belgium

By • May 21, 2016

F&C Kiekens by Architektuurburo Dirk Hulpia (3)

F&C Kiekens is a private home designed by .

Completed in 2013, it is located in Aalter, Belgium.


A Fun and Lively Home in Antwerp, Belgium

By • May 8, 2016

Studio Job Loft by Studio Job (2)

Studio Job Loft is a private residence designed by .

It is located in Antwerp, Belgium.


Sculp[IT] Designs a Luminous and Flexible Town House in Antwerp

By • Apr 30, 2016

Town House in Antwerp by Sculp[IT] (11)

Town House in Antwerp is a private residence designed by .

It is located, as its name suggests, in Antwerp, Belgium.


Filip Deslee Designs a Contemporary Apartment in Mortsel, Belgium

By • Apr 14, 2016

Apartment 1418 by Filip Deslee (7)

Apartment 1418 is a home located in Mortsel, Belgium.

It was designed by .