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A Private Residence Surrounded by the Rocky Landscape of Pocho, Argentina

By • Jan 22, 2016

Pampa House by Mariana Palacios (5)

Pampa House is a private residence designed by Mariana Palacios.

The home is located in Pocho, Córdoba, Argentina, and was completed in 2014.


DMR by Whiting Architects

By • Jan 29, 2015

DMR by Whiting Architects (5)

DMR is a residential project completed by .

Finished in 2012, it is locate in Lorne, Australia.


Venus Bay Bach by MRTN Architects

By • Jun 21, 2014

Venus Bay Bach by MRTN Architects (5)

Venus Bay Bach is a vacation home designed by .

It is located in Venus Bay, Victoria, Australia, and has a vibrant and playful interior.


2 Corner House by Mark Elkan

By • Jun 5, 2014

2 Corner House by Mark Elkan (21)

Australian Architect designed the 2 Corner House project.

Recently completed, this two story contemporary home is located in Sydney, Australia.


Seatoun Heights House by Parsonson Architects

By • May 1, 2014

Seatoun Heights House by Parsonson Architects (9)

New Zealander studio Parsonson Architects completed the Seatoun Heights House project in 2013.

This contemporary private residence is located in Wellington, the capital city and second most populous urban area of New Zealand.


Merrodown by Stephen Davy Peter Smith Architects

By • Apr 17, 2014

Merrodown by Stephen Davy Peter Smith Architects (7)

Merrodown was completed by in 2012.

It is located in Hertfordshire, England, and has an interior designed in strong, vibrant colors, made even brighter by an abundance of natural light.


Summer Villa III by Haroma & Partners

By • Apr 13, 2014

Summer Villa III by Haroma & Partners (1)

Finnish studio designed the Summer Villa III project.

This modern vacation home is located in Merimasku, a former municipality of Finland.


Hideg House by Béres Architects

By • Mar 7, 2014

This stunning home combines wood and stone to create a rough background for its luminous and elegant interior

Located in Koszeg, Hungary, its name is Hideg House, and it was designed by .


Village House by Powerhouse Company

By • Oct 16, 2013 •  Selected Work 

Village House is a weekend residence constructed by .

It is located in northern Sjælland, Denmark, and is surrounded by lush and vibrant vegetation.


Burton Residence by Marmol Radziner

By • Jun 13, 2013

Burton Residence is a modern project by that is located in Mendocino County, California, USA.

It was designed to be an unobtrusive addition to the natural beauty of the environment.


G house by Lode Architecture

By • May 19, 2013 •  Selected Work 

This 2011 project is a contemporary vacation residence by that is located in Normandy, France.

The architects took a minimalist approach to the design, creating a comfortable yet efficient retreat.


Island House by 2by4-architects

By • Apr 12, 2013

This modern shelter by sits on the banks of a lake in Loosdrechtse , The Netherlands.

In spite of its small size, it is a comfortable, fully functional space with movable walls that allow the space to be opened to the outdoors.


Villa SSK by Takeshi Hirobe Architects

By • Mar 2, 2013

Located in Chiba, Japan is the Villa SSK by .

The architects took cues from the surrounding natural features when designing the home.


Villa Blåbär by pS Arkitektur

By • Feb 12, 2013

Villa Blåbär is a modern residence by that is located in Nacka, Sweden.

It is a 2012 project that features energy efficient fixtures and views of the surrounding forest.


47% House by Kochi Architect’s Studio

By • Jan 19, 2013

This minimalist residence was created in 2010 by and is located in Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan.

The project is named ‘47%’ because the interior floor space makes up 47% of the home’s entire area.


Pangal Cabin by EMa Arquitectos

By • Dec 24, 2012

created this modern retreat in 2012 for a client in Casablanca, Chile.

The design is focused on minimalism and practicality.


Villa Lima by Johan Sundberg

By • Nov 16, 2012

This contemporary home by was created for a couple in a seaside resort area called Höllviken, Sweden.

The house was designed to satisfy building regulations, as well as the clients, while maintaining the integrity  of the site’s natural landscape.


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