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Luxurious Penthouse with Incredible Views over the City of Melbourne, Australia

By • Jan 9, 2018

Coppin Penthouse is a luxurious private residence designed by the Richmond based Australian architectural firm JAM Architects. The penthouse takes its name from the street on which it is located — Coppin Street – in Richmond, an inner suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3 km south-east of Melbourne’s Central Business District in the local government area of the City of Yarra municipality.

Spacious and modern living room with wonderful views over the city

A long, narrow pool flanks the length of the home on one of the observation decks, creating the perfect location from which to luxuriously admire the incredible views over the surrounding buildings. Lavish spaces, including a modern living room framed by potted plants, lead us into the interior of the home and into yet another layer of this sophisticated home. The tones of its décor are earthy and sober, granting the interior an exquisite and mature elegance.

Modern living room with TV area and fireplace
Stunning kitchen in minimalist style

The kitchen is long and spacious, done with stainless steel counter tops, and equipped with any number of appliances that make this the perfect setting to cook delicious meals in utter comfort. An open dining room adds to this trend, giving residents a sophisticated and chic spot in which to host guests in the height of style. The kitchen’s glass walls open out into the observation deck, which is framed by a row of potted plants and flowers.

Large kitchen with built-in dining area
Modern kitchen with spectacular views over the city
Closed kitchen area with glass walls
Wine cellar area
Spacious covered terrace area
Modern and elegant dining room in light and dark colors
Divider furniture that defines the different spaces
Terrace dining room with spectacular views over the city
Covered terrace with modern and elegant furniture in ground tones
Interior view of the modern and elegant Penthouse from the terrace
Views of the city from the kitchen
Night view of the adjacent terrace
Terrace with pool and relaxation area
Long and narrow pool with interior light
Views of the city from the pool

Magnificent House in Lisbon with White Interiors and Luminous Spaces

By • Jan 5, 2018

This project is based on the total reorganization of the existing interior design under the implementation of a new facade design, to promote the new functionalities of the space, as well as the optimization of the new attic area. The front facade remained unchanged; however, the topography of the backyard was redefined in its entirety, an outdoor dining area was designed for those days of family reunions, with a small garden that connects to the living room and a small pool which will serve to cool off on hot summer days. The house has a north east / south west solar orientation and was built for a family of three — a couple and their child.

View from the distance of the exterior in white
View of the white back facade with garden

It was designed by Guilherme Bivar and Marta Pavão, who form part of the team at the architectural firm Coletivo Cais in 2017, and it is located in the city of Lisbon, Portugal. The home covers a total ground area of 210 square meters.

Rear garden with small pool and green areas
Glass doors that connect the garden with the interior of the house
View of the garden and the pool area
Small pool in white of blue waters
Aerial view of the turquoise water pool
Garden stairs
Second level terrace with access to the interior

The interior décor focuses on pure and clean design, with stark white walls, an abundance of natural light, and rich wooden floors. High ceilings add to the sense of space these rooms enjoy, which in turns adds to its comfort and undeniable beauty.

Lounge-TV area with modern furniture and wooden library
Large minimalist kitchen in white
Modern and elegant dining room in wood and textiles in beige
Elegant wooden stairs and white walls
Upper level where white walls and wooden floors predominate
Upper level with access to the terrace
Delicate children’s room in white and pink
Bedroom with balcony
Modern bathroom in white and polished concrete
Night view of the back garden

Magnificent Collaborative Work Results in this Modern and Elegant Home

By • Jan 3, 2018

Viviano built Family HQ for his parents, with the help of his mother Catherine, who is an antique collector. With fifteen years of experience in construction, she helped direct and advise the young architect, and the house is her first collaborative project.

Exterior view of the long building

It is located in the city of Houston, Texas, in the United States, on a narrow corner plot. It has two levels and an area of 4,250 square feet (395 square meters). The building is built with concrete bricks stacked and cut to size.

Beautiful garden with green areas
Entrance with glass and black metal door

The interior would be configured as a clean and stylized backdrop to house the old furniture that the couple would take with them, which would be combined with contemporary pieces later on. Large square and rectangular windows are oriented towards the sheltered side garden instead of the street.

Modern living room with electric blue sofa with white armchairs
Modern and elegant living room with contrasting colors

On the ground floor, there is a living room, a dining room, a corridor with storage, and a kitchen. A bathroom and the garage are connected, just beyond the kitchen area. This main floor is designed to focus on entertainment, while the upper floor is more private and traditional. Three bedrooms, two of them with private bathrooms, are located on the top floor. Landscaping helps produce a quiet area. A row of thin silhouette eucalyptus trees creates a screen that softens the relationship with the street.

Small rest area with black wooden chairs
Antique wooden chest
Modern kitchen in white and gray with black marble countertop
Kitchen with island and eating area
Minimalist kitchen with spacious storage
Modern dining room with wooden table and black chairs
White floating furniture complements the dining area
Modern wooden stairs
Bedroom with gray metal bed and wooden floors
Elegant bedroom with canopy bed in black and white
Rest area in the room with white table and modern black chairs
Modern bathroom clad in wood
Modern bathroom in white and gray
Bathroom with wooden floors and white marble walls
Modern bathroom where white predominates
Night view of the main entrance
Exterior view of the facade of the house

An Amazing Home Surrounded by Farmland with a Natural Landscape

By • Jan 2, 2018

This private residence was designed by the Portuguese architectural firm Filipe Saraiva in 2016. The home covers a total ground area of over 400 square meters, and is located in Ourém, Portugal. The home is perched atop a hill with a descending slope to the south of the property, which causes the height difference between the highest and lowest points to be approximately 4.50 meters. The land that surrounds the house is farmland with a natural landscape, and the structure overlooks the Castle of Ourém.

Wonderful aerial view
Aerial view of the surroundings of the house
Decorated gardens creating charming corners

The building is constructed using simple lines, which are meant to evoke the typical homes we draw as children. Such a deconstruction is meant to break down the overcomplications of design to reach the core of what a home means – a safe place in the world for us and our loved ones.

Garden with circular path

The home has a gorgeous wooden terrace that overlooks the garden under the safety of a high roof. A clear glass wall separates this terrace from the interior, allowing an easy rapport between the two spaces. The interior is spacious and open, done mostly in white, with accents in rich wood and deep black which serve to add interesting bits of contrast throughout.

Imposing terrace with wooden slat walls
Modern entrance with lining
Elegant and modern entrance
Terrace with high ceilings and glass walls
Terrace with high ceilings made of wood
Interior of the garage with space for 3 cars
Internal view through the glass walls
Modern and elegant living room with beige sofa and TV area
Modern living room with glass walls and exterior views
Elegant relaxation area overlooking the garage area
Elegant and modern living-dining and kitchen area
Modern wooden kitchen with white marble countertop
Modern wooden kitchen with spacious storage
Small cellar with glass walls
View of the large space where social areas converge
Modern round table dining room in Wood and chairs in black
/ White stairs lead to the next level
Stairs side wall with storage area
Modern bedroom in white with studio space and library
Bedroom with interior terrace
Modern bathroom with views toward the interior terrace
Office area with modern furniture
/ Night view of illuminated entrance
Night view of closed parking
Spectacular night view of the terrace
Night view of the terrace and the gardens that surround it

Marvelous Transformation of an Old Obsolete Farm into a Modern and Functional House

By • Dec 28, 2017

Nobody would say that this modern contemporary house, which is located in the city of Borgloon, Belgium, was once an obsolete farm — but it’s true. It has been beautifully remodeled by the architectural firm Sam Architects, at the hand of its architect Krist Michiels, in the year 2017.

Full facade of the brick and glass construction

The house is located in a protected landscape with the typical characteristics of Haspengouw, an area consisting of small villages in a rural landscape dotted with fruit trees. The house has a lacquered steel profile and a stone clad facade. Inside, different materials are combined with the intention to create different styles within a coherent unit.

Rear garden and interior access area
Red bricks and glass façade
Detail of black bases and glass walls
Rear view of the garden with brick walls
Elegant close-up of the red brick facade
Details of red brick walls
Detail of the edges of the windows
Modern interior with white marble floors
Modern interior with white marble floors
Modern dining room in black
Elegant living room with sofa in gray

The expansion of these two volumes has a contrasting design. A rectangle is implanted parallel to the reconstructed volume. This volume holds the living room and the bedroom. This unit is implanted 60 cm lower on the left side; as a result, this residential unit is not visible from the street. The volumes are only linked by a corridor, and, when viewed from above, the house has an H shape, which guarantees a clear spatial separation.

In the office areas, the wall finishes are combined with parquet floors. In the sleeping area, the parquet floor and white details are also used. The bathroom has mosaics from floor to ceiling, creating a very unique design.

Minimalist kitchen in black and white
Large and elegant kitchen in minimalist style
Dining room in white with a modern style
Decorative detail on the walls of the dining room
Detail of the decorative cubicles of the walls
Room with internal bathroom with glass walls
Room with glass walls
Modern and elegant bathtub in white
Modern bathroom decorated in black and white

Fabulous House Designed for Nature Lovers in the Middle of a Thick Forest and Overlooking a Lake in Minnesota

By • Dec 28, 2017

This fabulous house located in the middle of a thick forest of wonderful landscapes is the perfect refuge for lovers of nature and good taste. It is an ideal place to enjoy everything that its surroundings offer while simultaneously enjoying the excellent comfort of its interior.

Magnificent building surrounded by tall trees and forest

Designed by the architectural firm Strand Design, it covers an area of 4,800 square feet composed of two primary cores separated by a central glass in which we have 3 bedrooms, 1 Master bedroom, and 4 bathrooms, the living room, the kitchen, the dining room, and a fitness area.

Entrance with walls of raw brick and wood
Access with glass door
TV area with sofa in dark gray

It was built in the year 2017 in ​​Northern Township, a township in Beltrami County, Minnesota, United States.

With wonderful views of the lake and nestled in natural terrain, social spaces are outlined along the landscape, blurring the dividing line between their natural environments and their built areas. The spacious and bright living rooms have large glass walls to welcome you to the lake.

The central core, thanks to its glass walls, becomes a nexus between the dining room and the private lounge that allows you to enjoy the forest and the lake in a safe and welcoming way.

With a palette of exterior material in dark tones, the Northern Lake Home blends with the wooden landscape, while the white oak provides a minimal and clear interior warmth.

Living room kitchen in light tones
Modern living room with glass walls and fireplace
Elegant entrance with wooden floors
Large dining room in retro style
Comfortable room with large windows
Children’s room with wooden wall
Sober and elegant bathroom in wood
Large bathroom in wood and black
Wood and white bathroom filled with natural light
Entrance with glass door
Terrace with barbecue area
Large terrace with direct access
Side view of the house surrounded by tall trees
Night view of the main facade

This Charming Cabin will Make you Forget About the Rest of the World

By • Dec 27, 2017

This charming cabin is located on the banks of a quiet lake and surrounded by dense and lush vegetation, in a dream setting with incredible views of the magnificent Catskills mountain range. This wonderful, picture-like landscape is located in the outskirts of the city of Woodstock, which is just under two hours by car from the city of New York, New York, in the United States.

Wooden cabin hidden among the green vegetation

Its interior, completely clad in wood, has an open plan lounge, a wood stove, and a sofa from which we can enjoy the wonderful views in the comfort and warmth of the interior of the cozy home, as well as a spacious and functional kitchen and a vast loft-type bedroom, which is located at the top.

Wooden cabin reflected in the calm waters of the lake
Detail of the wooden cabin

It was created by the interior design studio Antony Gibbon Designs in 2014 and covers an area of ​​750 square feet.

At the rear of the building is a separate shower room and a bathroom with a second bedroom that could easily be converted into an office study space. The structure has two balconies, located on both sides of the kitchen-living room with a large terrace below that leads to the lake and the hot tub.

Wood clad living room with fireplace
Views of the surroundings from the living room
Cozy living-kitchen area where wood predominates
Dining area on the kitchen island
Kitchen with concrete counter
Kitchen in wood with concrete counter
Room clad in wood with glass walls
Room full of light

Vibrant and Luminous Interior Spaces that Function as both Offices and Housing

By • Dec 22, 2017

This small tower has been built by Dominique Coulon, Olivier Nicollas, Benjamin Rocchi, and Steve Letho Duclos of the French architectural firm Dominique Coulon & Associés. It is located in the historic Krutenau district of Strasbourg, France, a district traditionally populated by boatmen and fishermen, and crisscrossed by canals. The tower covers an area of 500 square meters and was completed in 2015.

External view of the small tower

Strasbourg has a number of what are known as hollow teeth, or vacant plots that are too small to be attractive, and thus be put to use. The consultation then called for the production, on a plot measuring just 120 square meters, of a building that would guarantee the achievement of high energy performances, the use of bio-sourced materials, and a mixed-purpose project housing offices and accommodation, as well as well as a kitchen garden and an organic swimming pool on the topmost terrace.

Details of the black tower
Terrace area with elongated pool

The façade of the building is clad in scorched wood (larch), a technique originating in Japan, where they scorch the outer surface of the material in order to extend its life. Orange and silver awnings cover some of the windows, granting the exterior a pop of color. The interior is vibrant and luminous, providing open spaces in which to partake in a variety of activities.

Spacious offices made out of concrete
Offices with glass walls
Offices with file cabinet spaces
Modern black metal stairs
Detail of modern black metal stairs
Narrow stairs in pure white
Housing level with living room and kitchen
Modern living room with dark gray sofa and fireplace
Rest area with glass walls
Wooden stairs
Wooden dining room with concrete and glass walls
Rest area in vibrant colors
Relaxation area
Modern bedroom completely covered in light wood
Children’s room with bright red colors
Bedroom decorated in red
Bathroom in intense blue and black
Exterior night view

With Fantastic Views Over the Mountains, this Wonderful House will Charm its Visitors

By • Dec 21, 2017

This house rests elevated on the crest of a mountain, and with wonderful views over the spectacular surroundings of Park City, which is located east of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. It has a perfect panoramic view of the outdoor spaces and the green mountains of Utah, which will be covered in white with winter snow.

Log cabin on the hill, surrounded by snow

Perfectly equipped for all seasons, in the serene summer season, the house has a platform for breakfast, perfect for a day of rest and enjoying the sunset. But, due to its elevation of 7,500 feet, alongside the breathtaking views also comes extreme weather. At this height, the arrival of spring can bring hurricane winds; early autumn can produce shaky electrical storms; and winter can accumulate snow over 12 feet (3.7m). But this house is conveniently equipped to withstand the ravages of time.

Terrace with wonderful views over the snowy mountains
Terrace with wooden floors
Terrace with views of the mountains
Main facade with wooden walls
Main entrance with gardens
Side view of the wooden hut
Views of the mountains in summer time
Terrace with views over the green mountains
Terrace with furniture and views
Internal terrace
Interior terrace with furniture

It was designed by the architectural firm Imbue Design in 2016 and covers an area of ​​4,500 square feet.

The house possesses the warmth and natural quality of the light red cedar of the west in most of its exterior which gives it presence while uniting it naturally to the landscape. The natural color of the cedar creates a strong contrast against the snow in the winter months and offers a complementary color to the green hillside of spring. Cedar is naturally able to withstand the extreme changes in temperature and weather phenomena inherent in high elevation climates.

Exterior views from inside
Rest space with views
Modern living room with dark fireplace
Living room with glass walls
Living room with views over the mountains
Spacious room and full of natural light


Modern bathroom with glass walls

Warm Construction Surrounded by Pine Trees and Made with Local Bricks

By • Dec 20, 2017

The Entre Pinos development is a cluster of homes comprised of five weekend houses designed by the Mexico City based architectural firm Taller Hector Barroso deep within the forests surrounding the town of Valle de Bravo, on the shore of Lake Avándaro. The home sits shrouded by tall pine trees on a sloping ground.

Side view of the construction with bricks typical of the area

Structure of orange bricks that contrast with green vegetation

The five structures are identical, and each is made up of a series of blocks in varying heights surrounding an internal patio, which is meant to grant views, silence, and intimacy.

Internal garden
Details of the stairs

The architectural structures are all constructed using local materials, which include timber and brick, as well as the local soil that was added to the render later applied to the wall surfaces. This process serves to give the buildings an earthy rose tone that creates a feeling of natural warmth throughout the entire complex. This continues in the interior of the buildings, where the rosy walls are accompanied by natural stone floors and exposed timber ceiling beams. This keeps the connection to the earth and the natural environment that envelops the building complex strong, and adds an extra touch of coziness to the entire ensemble. Floor to ceiling clear glass windows further aid in this communication between indoors and outdoors.

Glass window over the orange brick
Interior corridor in wood
Comfortable and cozy lounge in beige tones
Living room that combines wood with bricks creating a cozy space
Living room connected to the terrace
Cozy kitchen in wood
Small dining area in wood
Cozy bedroom with glass wall
Bedroom in wood and bricks
/ Night view of the house in the forestInterior night view from the exterior
View of the house surrounded by tall trees