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Glass Ceiling

Giles Pike Architects Remodel a Home in London, England

By • Jan 25, 2017

Sewdley St by Giles Pike Architects (4)

We adore looking at photos of beautifully built houses that are brand new and still shiny, but sometimes it’s nice to see older structures get a facelift instead! That’s why we’re always keen to include a few remodeling projects on our pages along with the fancy new homes and gorgeous structures that have just been finished for the first time.



Blee Halligan Remodels a Private Residence in Highbury, London

By • Dec 9, 2016

115 Highbury Hill by Blee Halligan (5)

115 Highbury Hill is a residential project completed by Blee Halligan in 2016.

It is located in Highbury, London, England.



Nic Owen Architects Extend a Home for a Family of Five

By • Nov 24, 2016

Pod House by Nic Owen Architects (5)

Pod House is a private home located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

It was designed by Nic Owen Architects in 2016.



Nash Baker Architects Design a Luxurious Home in Notting Hill

By • Nov 16, 2016

Bedford Gardens by Nash Baker Architects (4)

Bedford Gardens is a private home located in Notting Hill, London, England.

It was designed by Nash Baker Architects in 2014.



OB Architecture Designs a Private Home in Reculver, England

By • Oct 27, 2016

Wrap House by OB Architecture (1)

Wrap House is a private home located in Reculver, England.

It was designed by OB Architecture in 2015.



Weber Arquitectos Design a Home Surrounded by Forests in Avandaro, Mexico

By • Oct 19, 2016

Five Houses by Weber Arquitectos (13)

Five Houses is a residential project completed by Weber Arquitectos in 2015.

It is located in Avandaro, Valle de Bravo, México.



OPUS Builds a Home at a Height of 7,000 Feet in El Retiro, Colombia

By • Sep 9, 2016

Gozu House by OPUS (1)

Gozu House is a private home located in El Retiro, Antioquia, Colombia.

The home was designed in 2015 by OPUS.



Allen Jack+Cottier Turn an Old Warehouse Into a Quirky Private Residence

By • Aug 14, 2016

Inner City Warehouse by Allen Jack+Cottier (1)

Inner City Warehouse is a project completed by Allen Jack+Cottier.

It is located in Sydney, Australia.



SPF Architects Design a Luxury Residence in Los Angeles, California

By • Aug 2, 2016

Oberfeld Luxury Residence by SPF Architects (33)

Oberfeld Luxury Residence is a home located in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Covering an area of 8,458 square feet, it was designed by SPF Architects.



A Contemporary Terrace for a Private Residence in Westminster

By • Jul 10, 2016

102BG by Pardini Hall (9)

102BG is a residential project designed by Pardini Hall.

It is located in London, England.



A Unique Feat of Architecture in Busan, South Korea

By • May 18, 2016

AAWH Residence by Architect-K (2)

AAWH Residence is a private home located in Busan, South Korea.

It was designed by Architect-K in 2014.



Grupoarquitectura Creates a Contemporary Glass Home in Mexico City

By • May 1, 2016

Tepozcuautla House by grupoarquitectura (15)

Tepozcuautla House is a project completed by grupoarquitectura in 2015.

The home is located in Mexico City, Mexico and covers an area of 10,764 square feet.



A Contemporary Home in the Dunes of Amagansett by Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects

By • Apr 6, 2016

House in the Dunes by Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects (2)

House in the Dunes is a private residence located in Amagansett, New York, USA.

It was designed by Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects.



Taylor and Miller Architecture Designs A Unique Lake House in The Berkshires

By • Mar 20, 2016

Lake House by Taylor and Miller Architecture (26)

Lake House is a residence designed by Taylor and Miller Architecture.

It is located in The Berkshires, Massachusetts, USA.



A Luminous Contemporary Interior in London, as Designed by Scenario Architecture

By • Mar 12, 2016

Cotesbach Road by Scenario Architecture (6)

Cotesbach Road is a project completed by Scenario Architecture in 2014.

The home is located in London, England.



Rocco Borromini Designs a Cozy Stone Home Surrounded by the Stunning Mountains of Sondrio, Italy

By • Mar 11, 2016

AP House by Rocco Borromini (26)

AP House is a residential project completed in 2015 by Rocco Borromini.

It is located in Sondrio, Italy.



Wunschhaus Architektur Design a Contemporary House in Hinterbrühl

By • Feb 28, 2016

House in Hinterbrühl by Wunschhaus Architektur (1)

House in Hinterbrühl is a private home designed by Wunschhaus Architektur in 2011.

The home is located in Hinterbrühl, Austria.



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