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Indoor/Outdoor Living

The Ettley Residence by Studio 9one2

By • Sep 12, 2013

California-based architects, , recently created this contemporary home in Los Angeles, California, USA.

The exterior is a sculptural configuration of wood and glass “blocks” that create the visual intrigue of positive and negative spaces.


J4 Houses by Vertice Arquitectos

By • Sep 7, 2013 •  Selected Work 

created this modern residence in 2012 for a client located in Lomas del Mar, Lima, Perú.

It consists of two separate volumes with rock-like forms that are perched on a hill overlooking the sea.


Currimundi Beach House by Loucas Zahos Architects

By • Aug 17, 2013

This contemporary vacation home is a 2012 project by that is located in Currimundi Beach, Australia.

It serves as a place to escape everyday stresses and enjoy a carefree beachfront lifestyle.


Westbury Crescent Residence by David Barr Architect

By • Jul 28, 2013

created this modern renovation in 2011 for a client living in Perth, Australia.

Instead of using a hi-tech approach to sustainability, the designers focused on simpler ways to maximize efficiency which included reusing as much of the original home as possible.


X House by Paan Architects

By • Jul 28, 2013

created this modern home in 2012 for a client located on the island of Antiparos in Greece.

It is a contemporary interpretation of traditional Cycladic architecture that incorporates both rustic and sleek details.


Six Semi-Detached Houses + Isolated House in Rocafort by Antonio Altarriba Comes

By • Jul 27, 2013

This modern project by consists of a total of seven residences in Rocafort, Valencia, Spain.

Each home features a ground floor that is open to the exterior as well as a glassed-in void that runs between each floor, acting as a light shaft.


Suburban Beach House by David Barr + Ross Brewin

By • Jul 12, 2013

This modern residence is a 2012 project by + located in Perth, Australia.

It provides the year-round livability of a suburban habitat with the easygoing charm of a beachfront holiday home.


Fremantle Additions by Jonathan Lake Architects

By • Jul 12, 2013

This modern extension is a 2012 project by that is located in Western Australia.

The Rammed limestone walls serve as a contemporary interpretation of the rubble walls found in the existing house, uniting the old with the new.


Taringa House by Loucas Zahos Architects

By • Jul 11, 2013

created this modern residence in Brisbane, Australia.

It is a renovation and extension of a cottage that juxtaposes original detail of the existing structure with new elements.


House in La Moraleja by Dahl Architects + GHG Architects

By • Jul 9, 2013 •  Selected Work 

created this modern residence in 2010 for a client living in La Moraleja, Madrid, Spain.

A large circular wall encompasses the building, allowing residents to enjoy the outdoor spaces away from public view.


The Wall House by FARM

By • Jul 2, 2013 •  Selected Work 

created this 2013 project for a retired couple that are located in Singapore.

It consists of two volumes that separate the private and social spaces.


Anish Amin House by Atelier dnD

By • Jun 28, 2013

This residence is a 2011 project by located in Alibaug, India.

Because of the warm, tropical environment, the home has been arranged as a series of indoor/outdoor spaces.


The Charmer by Jonathan Segal Architect

By • Jun 28, 2013

This modern structure is a live-work complex by that is located in San Diego, California, USA.

It consists of 19 lofts as well as retail spaces and makes use of inner courtyards that help to dampen the noise from a nearby freeway.


Residence in Kifissia by Tense Architecture Network

By • Jun 26, 2013

recently created this modern residence for a client located in Kifissia, Greece.

The structure is an austere form that is balanced by an intimate connection with the exterior greenery.


Madison House by XTEN Architecture

By • Jun 17, 2013

created this contemporary residence located in La Quinta, California, USA.

The 2012 project features floor to ceiling sliding glass walls that open the house to the desert landscape.


Distort House by TWS & Partners

By • Jun 14, 2013

This contemporary residence is located in the tropical setting of Jakarta, Indonesia.

It is a 2010 project by that features an efficient, heat-deflecting terracotta roof.


Burton Residence by Marmol Radziner

By • Jun 13, 2013

Burton Residence is a modern project by that is located in Mendocino County, California, USA.

It was designed to be an unobtrusive addition to the natural beauty of the environment.