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CMT architetti Renovate an Apartment in Rome, Italy

By • Feb 17, 2017

Attico a Roma by CMT architetti (7)

When it comes to contemporary decor and home design, are your favourite homes always the ones you encounter that use monochromatic colour schemes and straight, geometric lines to build an aesthetic that embodies the height of modernity while also incorporating some effective minimalism? Then we certainly urge you to check out Attico a Roma!


Comfort_Architecten Design a Private Residence in Riscone, Italy

By • Feb 15, 2017

Casa M by Comfort_Architecten (8)

Many homes that incorporate a slightly rustic aesthetic tend to be very grand and feature statement pieces. You might enjoy the emphasis on whining wood finishes and the natural setting of the home but actually prefer a structure and decor scheme that manages to be somehow more understated in its rustic resplendence. Some designers seek to achieve that by sticking to natural textiles and materials in the building and decor, but also adoption a sort of minimalist chic shape and detail, skipping the pomp and circumstance in favour of simplicity. That’s exactly what the creators of Casa M sought to do!


Piergiorgio Corradin Designs an Airy Home with Ocean Views in Viareggio, Italy

By • Feb 13, 2017

Viareggio by Piergiorgio Corradin (5)

Interior decor is clearly a priority and an important feature in every home, but in some climates the design and layout of the patio and outdoor space can be just as important. If you firmly believe that you’ll spend the majority of the year lounging outside on the balcony or sprawling patio, then you might as well make it just about as comfortable as the family room, only with more durable furniture to withstand the weather! Many houses take the patio space heavily into consideration, but few manage to strike a perfect balance between style indoors and style outdoors in equal ways. Viareggio, however, is a perfect example of how to achieve both!


Archiplanstudio Designs a Three-Level Apartment in Milan

By • Jan 20, 2017

Appartamento Milazzo by Archiplanstudio (1)

One of the best ways to create a beautiful contrast between modern contemporary styles and artistic aesthetics when it comes to home design and decor is to incorporate and embrace unique shapes, surfaces, and textures to create stunning visual combinations. This often looks very modern in a way that people don’t find homey, but depending on the combinations of materials you choose, modern shapes can certainly be made to look cozy and unique instead. Just check out Appartamento Milazzo to see what we mean!


MZC Plus Design a Contemporary Home in Treviso, Italy

By • Jan 18, 2017

Turned House by MZC Plus (41)

When we think “contemporary houses”, our minds automatically go to a number of features. For example, we start to picture clean white surfaces and colour schemes, bright pops of accent colour, unconventional decor shapes, and lots of crystal clear glass. If that sounds like the kind of contemporary house you enjoy most too, then you simply must check out the photos of Turned House in Treviso, Italy!


M12 architettura design Creates an Elegant Apartment in Corato, Italy

By • Jan 12, 2017

SG House by m12 architettura design (5)

When we’ve lived in smaller spaces in the past, we’ve often gone out of our way to furnish and decorate them in as modern a style as possible. We find that the more clean and contemporary a smaller space is, the more organized and less crowded it looks. This isn’t why all small, modern looking apartments are styled to look very contemporary, but it sure explains our love for them!


Matteo Nunziati Designs an Urban House with a Garden in Milan, Italy

By • Jan 4, 2017

Urban House with Garden by Matteo Nunziati (13)

Urban House with Garden is a residential project designed by in 2016.

It is located in Milan, Italy.


Tommaso Giunchi Designs a Minimalist Apartment in Milan, Italy

By • Jan 3, 2017

8760 DM2 by Tommaso Giunchi (4)

8760 DM2 is a private home located in Milan, Italy.

Completed in 2016, it was designed by .


Brain Factory Designs a White Apartment in the Historic District of Pigneto in Rome, Italy

By • Dec 29, 2016

Ethereal House by Brain Factory (6)

Ethereal House is a private residence designed by .

The 484-square-foot apartment is located in Rome, Italy.


Filippo Bombace Architect Creates an Apartment in Blue in Porto Santo Stefano, Italy

By • Dec 16, 2016

Fra Cielo e Mare by Filippo Bombace Architect (1)

Fra Cielo e Mare is a private residence renovated by .

It is located in Porto Santo Stefano, Italy.


Paola Maré Turns an Old Carpentry into a Contemporary Loft in Turin, Italy

By • Dec 16, 2016

Casa Okume by Progetti (5)

Casa Okumé is a private residence renovated by interior designer , in collaboration with the architect .

It is located in Turin, Italy and was completed in 2013.


Studio DiDeA Designs a Contemporary Home in Palermo, Italy

By • Dec 15, 2016

A157 by Studio DiDeA (1)

A157 is a residential project designed by in 2016.

It is located in Palermo, Italy.


OKS ARCHITETTI Renovate an Apartment in Grosseto, Italy for a Young Couple and their Child

By • Dec 14, 2016


Casa F+M is a private residence renovated by in 2015.

It is located in Grosseto, Italy.


Carola Vannini Architecture Designs an Elegant and Spacious Apartment in Rome, Italy

By • Nov 15, 2016

J Apartment by Carola Vannini Architecture (4)

J Apartment is a private home located in Rome, Italy.

Completed in 2016, it was designed by .


DFG Architetti Design a Stunning Contemporary Villa in Marina di Ragusa, Italy

By • Nov 12, 2016

Villa GD by DFG Architetti (27)

Villa GD is a residential project designed by in 2016.

It is located in Marina di Ragusa, Italy.


Camillo Botticini Designs a Contemporary Residence on the Alpine Hills of Lumezzane, Italy

By • Nov 11, 2016

Alps Villa by Camillo Botticini (4)

Alps Villa is a private home located in Lumezzane, Brescia, Italy.

It was designed by in 2014.


Archiplanstudio Remodels an Apartment for a Young Family in Italy

By • Nov 9, 2016

Appartmento Emme Elle by Archiplanstudio (4)

Appartmento Emme Elle is a residential project completed by .

It was designed in 2016 and is located in Busto Arsizio, Italy.



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