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Loft Space in Camden by Craft Design

By • Aug 1, 2013 •  Selected Work 

This modern apartment is a 2013 project by that is located in Camden, London, England.

It is a live-work space that has been cleverly designed to include stylish and functional shelving that covers an entire wall as well as an integrated staircase that leads to a mezzanine level.


Historic Hollywood Broadway Loft

By • Jun 8, 2013

This historic Hollywood Broadway Loft is located in Hollywood, California.

The interior is sleek and sophisticated, with elegant lines and a pale, neutral color palette.


Urban Legend

By • Jun 3, 2013 •  Selected Work 

This apartment is located in Noho, Manhattan, New York.

Spacious and bright, the spaces are brimming with personality.


Grey Loft by OOOOX

By • Jun 3, 2013 •  Selected Work 

Grey Loft is a 2013 project by that is located in Ostrovského, Prague, Czech Republic.

It is a modern renovation of an attic apartment with a restricted palette that is softened by richly textured furnishings and decorative accents.


Kempart Loft by Dethier Architectures

By • May 29, 2013

This modern interior was created by in 2012 for a client located in Liège, Belgium.

Its monochrome finish is accentuated by a modular aluminum-clad structure that houses the bathroom components and separates the living area from the bedroom.


Paschke Danskin Double Loft by 3SIX0 Architecture

By • Apr 3, 2013

created this loft renovation in 2009 for a couple located in the jewelry district of Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

The space was designed to accommodate the live/work habits of two people with vastly different professions.


Cornlofts Triplex Reconstruction by B2 Architecture

By • Mar 20, 2013

This contemporary interior is a 2013 project by that can be found in the Karlin section of Prague, Czech Republic.

It is a conversion of an industrial building that sought to maintain some of the building’s original elements and character while creating a comfortable, modern space.


Amsterdam Loft by UXUS

By • Mar 20, 2013

This eclectic loft apartment is a 2007 project by that is located in a converted warehouse that borders a canal in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The space is filled with unusual accents and is divided by linen curtains that create a soft, romantic glow in the evening light.


SF Loft by Wardell + Sagan Projekt

By • Feb 5, 2013 •  Selected Work 

SF Loft, located in San Francisco, California, was reformed by .

The loft is decorated simply, allowing the mixture of concrete walls and wood floors and ceiling to take center stage.


New York Style Loft in Downtown Barcelona by Shoot 115

By • Jan 2, 2013 •  Selected Work 

This contemporary loft, located in Barcelona, Spain,  is a converted warehouse that now serves as a photography studio.

The space is available for rent at hourly rates through .


Eclectic Apartment in Budapest

By • Dec 15, 2012 •  Selected Work 

This beautiful loft, owned and designed by one of our readers, Shay Sabag, is located in Budapest, Hungary.

The furniture in the apartment is elegantly curated and distributed in a way that is both dynamic and intimate.


Mishima House by Keiji Ashizawa Design

By • Dec 14, 2012

designed this contemporary home for a small family living in Tokyo, Japan.

The project, created in 2010, was designed to maximize privacy in an urban environment.


Vertical Loft by Shift Architecture Urbanism

By • Nov 14, 2012 •  Selected Work 

reinvented a dilapidated residence in Rotterdam, The Netherlands to create this contemporary urban home.

It is part of a series of renovated spaces in the area that have been custom-designed according to each individual client’s requirements.


The Brick Loft by FARM

By • Oct 19, 2012

created this contemporary loft apartment from an old office unit, located in Joo Chiat Ln, Singapore, in 2011.

Its most prominent feature is a dramatic spiral staircase that was designed to mimic the exposed brickwork commonly found in many industrial buildings.


Loft 02 by EHTV Architectes

By • Oct 14, 2012

created this contemporary loft, located in Brussels, Belgium, in 2011.

The space features a continuous stream of bamboo throughout its entirety.


The Loft of Frank and Amy by Resolution: 4 Architecture

By • Oct 6, 2012

New York City-based studio (Res4) has designed the interior of this 4,800 square foot loft located in Hell’s Kitchen, a neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City, USA.


Three Bedroom Loft in West Village, Manhattan

By • Sep 30, 2012

This three bedroom, two bathroom loft on two floors is located in West Village, the western portion of the Greenwich Village neighborhood in the New York City borough of Manhattan, USA.

The loft boasts 16 foot ceiling on the upper floor and totals 3,608 square feet, including an open 1,395 square foot lower level.