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Seungmo Lim Shares His Contributions to the Hotel The Designers with Shoot

By • Feb 22, 2016

Hotel The Designers by Seungmo Lim (4)

has shared with us images of his work completed at the , located in Seoul, South Korea.

The project includes a private room named “Libertango,” an Aerial Rooftop Lounge consisting of a roof garden, and a public open space called Urban Cabin.


Hwa Hun by IROJE KHM Architects

By • Jun 17, 2015

Hwa Hun by IROJE KHM Architects (1)

Hwa Hun is a residential project completed by .

It was designed in 2014, and is located in Seoul, South Korea.


Pure Crystal by Seungmo Lim

By • Feb 7, 2014

Pure Crystal is a unique project completed by .

It was completed in 2013 for the Boutique Hotel, located in Jongno-Gu, Seoul, South Korea.


White house by Design band YOAP

By • Jan 26, 2014

White house is a residential project located in Seoul, South Korea.

It was completed by .


House in Hyojadong by Min Soh & Gusang Architectural Group & Kyoungtae Kim

By • Nov 13, 2013

House in Hyojadong is a joint project completed by & Gusang Architectural Group & Kyoungtae Kim.

It is located in Hyoja-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea, and was finished in 2013.


Daeyang Gallery and House by Steven Holl Architects

By • Jun 9, 2013

Steven Holl Architects designed , located in Seoul, South Korea.

The home, with its simple lines, glass walls, and mixture of rust-colored copper panels and concrete, is a work of art unto itself.


H-House by BANG by MIN

By • Feb 7, 2013

  created this modern residence in 2012 for a client living in Seongbuk-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

It was designed for a family spanning three generations as well as commercial unit on the lower level that is occupied by a beauty parlor.


Seongbuk Gate Hills by Joel Sanders Architect and Haeahn Architecture

By • Jan 8, 2013 •  Selected Work 

American and Korean architectural firms and have created the Seongbuk Gate Hills project in Seoul, South Korea.

The project consists of twelve 3,000 square foot contemporary homes which are placed in a staggered arrangement, providing each unit with unobstructed views.


SBD25 by APOLLO Architects & Associates

By • Oct 28, 2012

designed this modern home, located in Seongbuk-Dong, Seoul, South Korea, in 2011 for the manager of a trading company that specializes in vintage Scandinavian furniture.

It was the client’s desire to feature pieces from his own company while incorporating contemporary elements.


Restaurant La Ville de Pins by BANG by MIN

By • Jun 30, 2012

Seoul-based studio has completed in 2011 the remodeling of the French restaurant La Ville de Pins in Gangnam-gu, one of the most affluent areas of Seoul, South Korea.


P House by Hahn Design

By • Feb 27, 2011

This 5,726 square foot residence was designed by South Korean architect .

Located in Jongno-gu, a district in central Seoul, South Korea, the two-story home is the first one the architect designed in Korea after 10 years of architectural practice in the US.