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Swimming Pool

Spectacular House with Spacious Spaces and Full of Natural Light

By • Mar 15, 2018

This single-family house, located in the Province of Girona in Spain, was designed by the local architectural firm in 2017. The project, which occupies approximately 300 square meters, was under the leadership of architects Antonio Alonso, Martín Ezquerro, Ignacio López Alonso, Marc Zaballa, and Manel Morante.

Main entrance with wooden door and tall concrete columns

At first glance, its columns and white walls contrast beautifully with the blue sky, inviting us to enter and enjoy its wide and illuminated spaces bathed in natural light. The wide glass walls reveal two private side patios. These diagonal openings in the wall extend the view through the main structure, connecting it to the landscape.

Side of white walls and wild vegetation
View of the rear garden with large pool
Interior of the terrace and pool area

The richness of space is enclosed in traditional austere materials. The walls are regularly blank. As it happens in modernist houses, there is sometimes a minimum of glazing between the openings in the wall.

Its high concrete ceiling adds to the home’s abundant elegance, making it look flamboyant.

The architecture of the house is perfectly adapted to the place and the land on which it is located.

In the back garden, we find a huge swimming pool that invites us to refresh ourselves in those days of terrible heat, surrounded fantastic views over the green areas that envelop the home.

Entrance from the garden with cristal doors
Internal terrace
Interior garden
Concrete stairs and white walls

Wonderful House in Athens, Greece, Surrounded by Lush Gardens

By • Mar 14, 2018

This modern house, with lush and green outdoor spaces, has been designed by the firm by the hand of its architect Rena Sakellaridou in the city of Athens, Greece.

Side view of the imposing construction

The area, which has 240 square meters, is hidden behind a garden with a dense collection of trees. It is formed by a concrete base, a white metal structure, and a characteristic tunnel-esque structure, which houses the rooms. The opening on both sides of the interior allows views of the garden to flood the interior.

Main entrance with metallic walls and doors
Long pool surrounded by green vegetation
Rectangular pool with small terrace
Imposing and modern construction made in white, intense blue and concrete
View of the rear facade with terrace
Perfectly maintained side gardens
Entrance to the kitchen with wooden floors and walls in deep blue

The program is simple: living room and kitchen on the ground floor and two bedroom-suites on the top floor. There is also a gym, a guest room, and a service room that are located in the basement.

This is a house in a secret garden, a house in its own world open to nature, although surrounded by the dense urban fabric of Athens. Hidden behind the trees, the house integrates into the garden; its its colors, its shadows, it all changes over time.

The two main levels are connected visually through a glass floor, while a skylight at the top brings natural light.

Spectacular and modern interior with wooden floors and glass walls
Modern stairs in deep blue and glass walls
Modern and elegant interior full of natural light
View of the pool area from the inside
Elevated view of the stairs
Spacious room with glass wall