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Transitional interior Design

M2ARQUITECTURA Refurbishes an Apartment in Eixample

By • Jun 3, 2016

Refurbishment in Eixample by M2ARQUITECTURA (1)

Refurbishment in Eixample is a project completed by .

It is located in Eixample, a district of Barcelona, Spain.


Cuns Studio Designs an Open-Space Apartment in Poznań, Poland

By • May 22, 2016

Apartment in Poznan by Cuns Studio (1)

Apartment in Poznan is a residential project completed by in 2013.

The 1,830-square-foot home is located in Poznań, Poland.


Massimo Donizelli Designs a Fun and Stylish Private Residence in Milan, Italy

By • May 22, 2016

Casa Brac-Marseille by Massimo Donizelli (6)

Casa Brac-Marseille is a private home designed by in 2015.

The single-family home is located in Milan, Italy.


Liddicoat & Goldhill Convert a Barn into a Private Residence in Folkestone, England

By • May 21, 2016

Ancient Party Barn by Liddicoat & Goldhill (24)

Ancient Party Barn is a private home located in Folkestone, England.

It was designed by in 2014.


Rustic Meets Contemporary in this Private Residence in Ivry-sur-Seine, France

By • May 8, 2016

Habiter sous les toits by Prisca Pellerin (2)

Habiter sous les toits is a private residence renovated by .

It is located in Ivry-sur-Seine, France and was completed in 2013.


Alfredo Vanotti Creates a Home in Piateda, Italy that Seamlessly Combines Rustic with Modern

By • May 4, 2016

Casa VI by Alfredo Vanotti (10)

Casa VI is a private home located in Piateda, Italy.

Completed in 2015, it was designed by .


A Remodeling in Lisbon, Portugal by Aires Mateus

By • May 3, 2016

S. Mamede House by Aires Mateus (19)

S. Mamede House is a private home located in Lisbon, Portugal.

It was designed by in 2006.


Andrés Escobar Taller Arquitectónica Designs a Spacious Home in Tapalpa, Mexico

By • Apr 22, 2016

PE by Andrés Escobar Taller Arquitectónica (13)

PE is a private residence designed by in 2013.

It is located in Tapalpa, Jalisco, México.


Aamodt / Plumb Architects Design a Home for a Young Family in Austin, Texas

By • Apr 17, 2016

Modern Texas Prefab by Aamodt / Plumb Architects (7)

Modern Texas Prefab is a residence designed by .

It is located in Austin, Texas, USA and was completed in 2015.


Mesura Remodels Four Tourist Apartments in Barcelona

By • Mar 13, 2016

Borne Apartments by Mesura (3)

Borne Apartments is a remodeling project completed by in 2015.

The four tourist apartments are located in Barcelona, Spain.


Batiik Studio Remodel a Luminous Apartment in the Marais

By • Mar 12, 2016

Malo & Pol by Batiik Studio (5)

Malo & Pol is a project completed by in 2015.

The home is located in Paris, France.


A Rustic Home Full of Art Designed by Francesc Rifé Studio

By • Mar 4, 2016

House in L'Empordà by Francesc Rifé Studio (5)

House in L’Empordà is a private residence located in Empordà, Catalonia, Spain.

It was designed by in 2015.


A Spacious and Warm Home in Xangri-lá, Brazil

By • Feb 26, 2016

C26 by Seferin Arquitetura (15)

C26 is a private residence located in Xangri-lá, Brazil.

It was designed by .


London-Based ART BURO Designs a Sophisticated Apartment in Paris

By • Feb 14, 2016

Apartment in Paris by ART BURO (1)

Apartment in Paris is a project completed by the London-based firm .

The apartment has a chic and stylish interior and is located, as its name suggests, in Paris, France.


MIDE architetti Renovate a Nineteenth Century Home in Lucca

By • Feb 12, 2016

Country House by MIDE architetti (7)

Country House is a renovation project completed by in 2015.

The home is located in Lucca, Italy.


Juma Architects Renovate an Old Farm and Create a Stunning New Space

By • Feb 1, 2016

Project B by Juma Architects (6)

Project B is a private home located in Belgium.

Originally an old farm, it was renovated by in 2015.


A Charming Private Residence in Tavira, Portugal

By • Jan 30, 2016

Pensão Agricola by Atelier Rua (11)

Pensão Agricola is a project completed by .

It is located in Tavira, Portugal.