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Gordon Weima Designs a House Addition in Ottawa

By • Feb 16, 2017

House Addition in Ottawa by Gordon Weima (5)

Finding decent sized housing in the middle of a city can be difficult and expensive because many full sized housing options within the city limits are quite small but quite highly priced. Every once in a while, however, a designer comes across a lot where an old home can be transformed into something more contemporary. Have you ever seen, however, modern city homes that are so in line with stereotypical city living that they end up looking and feeling quite cold? Well, the designers of House Addition found a way to create a house with the perfect level of city contemporary in a decently sized, comfortable home!



Caroline Brodard Remodels a Home in Le Mont-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland

By • Nov 10, 2016

A Place Called Home by Caroline Brodard (1)

A Place Called Home is a residential project completed by Caroline Brodard – Architecture d’Intérieur.

The home is located in Le Mont-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland.



ZROBYM Architects Visualize a Stylish Duplex Apartment in Minsk, Belarus

By • Oct 21, 2016

Duplex Apartment by ZROBYM Architects (3)

Duplex Apartment is a digital project completed by ZROBYM Architects.

The home would be located in Minsk, Belarus.



Brothers Mauro & Matteo Soddu Remodel a Private Home in Cagliari, Italy

By • Sep 22, 2016

14 Cobalto by Mauro & Matteo Soddu (3)

14 Cobalto was designed by brothers Mauro & Matteo Soddu from Tramas & STUDIOTAMAT, respectively.

The home is located in Cagliari, Italy.



PDM Design a Classic Elegant Home in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

By • Aug 3, 2016

Sun's House by PDM (4)

Sun’s House is a private home located in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

It was designed by PDM in 2016.



Studio Alexander Fehre Designs a Chic Apartment in London

By • May 29, 2016

Apartment Filippo by Studio Alexander Fehre (9)

Apartment Filippo is a private residence located in London, England.

The home was designed by the German firm Studio Alexander Fehre.



Metricon Designs a Sleek Contemporary Home in Australia

By • May 28, 2016

Botanica 32 by Metricon (3)

Botanica 32 is a private residence designed by Metricon.

The home is located in Australia.



Alexandra Buchanan Architecture Designs a Spacious Contemporary Home in Melbourne, Australia

By • May 12, 2016

Warrandyte House by Alexandra Buchanan Architecture (14)

Warrandyte House is a private residence designed by Alexandra Buchanan Architecture.

It is located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.



bp Laboratorio di Architettura Designs a Stylish Apartment in Brescia, Italy

By • Mar 9, 2016

L'ex Fienile by bp Laboratorio di Architettura (2)

L’ex Fienile is a private residence designed by bp Laboratorio di Architettura.

Completed in 2014, it is located Brescia, Italy.



Superpozycja Architekci Design a Stylish Apartment in Katowice, Poland

By • Mar 9, 2016

Apartment Wille Parkowa Katowice by Superpozycja (3)

Apartment “Wille Parkowa” Katowice is a project completed by Superpozycja Architekci in 2015.

The home is located in Katowice, Poland.



A Contemporary Home in Jakarta, Indonesia

By • Jan 11, 2016

F+W House by DP+HS Architects (2)

F+W House is a private residence designed by DP+HS Architects in 2014.

The home is located in Jakarta, Indonesia.



Stunning Home Overlooking the Hills of Saltregna

By • Jan 1, 2016

Borgo della Spiga by Paolo Vigoni (6)

Borgo della Spiga is a private residence located in Saltregna, Italy.

It was designed by Paolo Vigoni in 2015.



A Hotel Full of Charm in Ayllón

By • Dec 25, 2015

Hotel Ayllón by Lucas y Hernández-Gil Arquitectos (12)

Hotel Ayllón is a charming hotel located in Ayllón, Segovia, Spain.

It was designed in 2012 by the Madrid-based firm Lucas y Hernández-Gil Arquitectos.



Mitsouri Architects Complete an Extension in Armadale

By • Nov 24, 2015

Mitsouri Architects Complete an Extension in Armadale (11)

Armadale House 1 is a project completed by Mitsouri Architects in 2015.

The 3,229-square-foot home is located in Armadale, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.



Reinventing a Hausmannian Apartment in Paris

By • Nov 12, 2015

Raynounard by Camille Hermand Architectures (4)

Raynounard is a contemporary apartment designed by Camille Hermand Architectures.

The luminous home is located in Paris, France.



Reconstruction on Via Vegezio by MOB ARCHITECTS

By • Nov 4, 2015

Reconstruction on Via Vegezio by MOB ARCHITECTS (6)

Reconstruction on Via Vegezio is a project completed by MOB ARCHITECTS in 2012.

The home is located in Rome, Italy.



Szafarnia 2 Apartment by Raca Architekci

By • Oct 23, 2015

Szafarnia 2 Apartment by Raca Architekci (13)

Szafarnia 2 Apartment is a private residence designed by Raca Architekci.

Located in Gdansk, Poland, it was completed in 2015.




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